The 30 Most Read Blog Posts from 2020

Time for our annual round-up of the 30 most frequently read blog posts during 2020.

  • 18 posts focus on violent murders of LGBTQ folx, particularly transgender neighbors. One of those posts was from 2019. One I just wrote on Sunday. This is a ‘trend’ I notice each year and it still hurts a lot.
  • Five posts center the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Three posts explore how local communities and Democrats supported Trump.
  • One post reflected on the tragic death of the father of a most loved neighbor, Nina Gibbs Sauer, in an industrial accident. If you see this, Nina, I hope this one attempt to capture your father’s legacy and your own, comforts you this holiday season.
  • One post is about our snowflake/social justice warrior fundraiser.
  • One post was written by our contributing blogger, Shanon whose columns were cut short by COVID-19.

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  1. Two Black Trans Women Found Dead in Separate Incidents in Louisiana

  2. Steel City Snowflakes

  3. Two Trans Latina Women From NYC Murdered in Puerto Rico
  4. My Clutter Told Me That I Was Depressed ** Contributing blogger Shanon

  5. UPDATED: Trans Woman Sara Blackwood Killed in Indianapolis on National Coming Out Day 2020

  6. Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman Stands in Line for Groceries

  7. Paris Cameron, 20, was the 6th Black Trans Woman Murdered in the US in 2019 (2019)

  8. Ross Township Commissioner and ACDC Committee Member Patrick Mullin Sharing anti-LGBTQ, welfare-shaming content on Facebook

  9. 23 year old Black Trans Woman Elie Che Found Dead in New York City

  10. Trans Woman Helle Jae O’Regan Murdered in San Antonio

  11. Tips for Using Giant Eagle’s Grocery Delivery Service During COVID-19 Pandemic

  12. 17 year old queer teen Bianca Devins brutally murdered in horrific crime in New York State (2019)

  13. 25-Year-Old Black Trans Woman Murdered on Christmas Day in Chicago
  14. How a Fishing Boat Sinking in North Carolina Resonates with Pittsburgh. Please read.

  15. Lexi, 33, was a Black Trans Woman Murdered in Harlem

  16. KDKA AM Radio Host Repeatedly Misgenders Dr. Rachel Levine, PA Secretary of Health, During Media Call

  17. Brayla Stone was a17-Year-Old Black Trans Young Woman Murdered in Arkansas

  18. Pennsylvania Trans Woman Johanna Metzger, 25, Was Murdered in Baltimore

  19. Braddock Sandwich Shop Owner Spews Transphobic Content on Facebook Targeting Dr. Rachel Levine

  20. Proof that Allegheny County Democratic Committee Members Support Trump

  21. My Friend Was Admitted to ICU for COVID-19 Testing; She Found a Simple Way to Make It Easier for Health Care Staff

  22. Monica Diamond, 34, Black Trans Woman Murdered in North Carolina

  23. I Tried Giant Eagle’s Grocery Home Delivery Service and Here’s How It Went

  24. UPDATE: White Supremacy Billboards along Route 51 in Allegheny County near Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland counties

  25. Black Trans Woman Nina Pop, 28, Murdered in Missouri

  26. Selena Reyes Hernandez, 37, was a Latina Trans Woman Murdered in Chicago

  27. Black Trans Woman Brooklyn DeShauna Smith, 20, Killed in Shreveport, Louisiana

  28. Trans Man Dustin Parker, 25, Killed in Oklahoma on New Year’s Day

  29. 22-Year-Old Black Trans Woman Queasha D. Hardy Shot to Death in Baton Rouge

  30. Merci Mack, a 22-year-old Black Trans Woman, Murdered in Dallas on Last Day of Pride Month

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