Sue is the founder of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents blog, established in 2005.. She has an MSW from the University in Pittsburgh and a BA in Political Science from Marymount University. Her undergraduate claim to fame is a six month stint as an intern with then Congressman Rick Santorum in 1991. Born and raised in West Mifflin, Sue attended college in Washington DC, then graduate school in Louisiana and ended up in Kentucky doing social service ministry. She returned to Pittsburgh in 1997. She now lives on Pittsburgh’s Northside with her wife, Laura. She was among the first out LGBTQ people named to Pittsburgh’s 40 Under 40 in 2004 and is a graduate of Leadership Development Initiative Class VII. After being fully and permanently disabled in 2010, Sue has continued to serve the community. She founded the Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project to address hunger and environmental issues. In 2015, she launched the #AMPLIFY LGBTQ archive in conjunction with a two-year artist in residence stint with Most Wanted Fine Art. Sue and her wife have fostered over 25 kittens through Pittsburgh CAT and Homeless Cat Management Team, and now manage multiple community cat colonies in their neighborhood. In 2020, Sue cofounded the Pittsburgh MasQUe ProjecT to support the queer and trans community during the pandemic, distributing tens of thousands of face masks and other supplies throughout the region. In 2021, Sue created the #PghCatFolx projects to support neighbors working with community cats. Under that heading came the Dr. John P. Ruffing DVM Pet Food Projects, memorializing one of her very best friends who died in 2007. In 2021, Sue worked with community leaders to develop and establish a 501c3 nonprofit organization, Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities (PLC) where she currently serves as Board President. PLC absorbed the #PghCatFolx projects. Also in 2021, Sue was the first person in history appointed to the City of Pittsburgh LGBTQIA+ Commission and was unanimously elected as one of three inaugural co-chairs. Her blogging has garnered numerous awards Favorite GLBT Media Publication - 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 (Keystone Alliance Gaylife Newsletter Reader’s Poll) Favorite GLBT Social Media - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (Keystone Alliance Gaylife Newsletter Reader’s Poll) Best Local Blogger - 2016, 2019 (Pittsburgh City Paper Reader’s Poll) LGBTQIA Pittsburgh’s Best Blogger - 2020 (SisTersPgh, People’s Pride of Pittsburgh) Outstanding Blog - 2019, 2022 (GLAAD Media Awards) Sue has also personally been honored Person of the Year - The Advocate Magazine, 2022 15 Lesbian Icons - LGBTQ Nation, 2023 LGBTQIA Pittsburgh’s Best Lesbian Activist - SisTersPgh, People’s Pride of Pittsburgh 2022 Sue believes in identifying and filling gaps in supports & services rather than recreating the wheel. She uses both her undergraduate and graduate degrees on a regular basis as a blogger and activist and regularly circulates her 1991 internship photo just to shake things up on her social media feeds. Her own experiences with cPTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and other health challenges have fueled her health blogging and activism. She also writes extensively about her family history, drawing on her amateur genealogy hobby. The blog regularly reviews arts and cultural events as well as exploring restaurants, soap opera storylines, and hyper-local news. Sue and her wife Laura have been together since 2003. They were married on a very cold February 2, 2021 in their backyard at a very small ceremony co-officiated by their pagan priestess friend, Anne, and then-Mayor Bill Peduto. They have six niblings, four in Pittsburgh and two in Philadelphia.

Who Runs the World? Cat Ladies? Cat Ladies!

I have seemingly millions of trail camera photos from the colonies and TNR adventures. My cat lady adventures. My misfires. My questionable wardrobe choices. Don’t watch, don’t watch … it will only make your miserable. So yesterday I read that my cousin JD Vance’s 2021sexist and anti-cat comments about Kamala Harris had resurfaced. Have I […]

The Pennsylvania House Passed a Bill Clarifying Marriage Equality a Decade After SCOTUS Ruling, Now Onto the Senate

For years, I have ranted about several facts. Two of them are 1) Pennsylvania legislators have never successfully passed any LGBTQ affirming legislation and 2) they haven’t cleaned up their mess around anti-LGBTQ actions. One such mess is closer than ever to being cleared. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has approved legislation to remove the […]

I Watched Xena: Warrior Princess for the First Time, Seasons 1 and 2

Spoilers for a show that aired 29 years ago. Ahem. Never have I ever watched this titan of lesbian adjacent television before. I don’t know that it was a specific avoidance. Xena: Warrior Princess aired 1995-2001, most of which I was in grad school or starting my social work career. That’s probably why – not […]

Disability Pride Month: Here’s Why You Can’t Fix Me

I was most likely born with a genetic predisposition to mental illness disability. My father has undiagnosed bipolar disorder, my mother unipolar depression. Most of the adults in my family used alcohol to self-medicate. My brother has ADHD which is very adjacent to bipolar. Disability. Disability. Disability. The neglect and abuse of my childhood created […]

But I want you to know, after all these years … honoring my 21st anniversary

The world of queer relationships and queer anniversaries is complicated by the states decades of oppression of our rights to simply create a family with the person we love. For those who came of age after 2015, it may not make much sense. The queer anniversary is a complicated dynamic. We have a lot of […]

Read #TheResearchers Q&A With Arielle Rebekah

The Researchers Investigating Missing, Murdered, Unclaimed, and Unidentified Trans and Queer Neighbors Around the World There is a long history of trans folks being erased after we die. This is especially true for Black, Indigenous, POC, and poor and low-income trans people. We all deserve to be honored for who we were in life, not just remembered […]

Read #TheResearchers Q&A With Noah ‘The Stigma Fighter’

The Researchers Investigating Missing, Murdered, Unclaimed, and Unidentified Trans and Queer Neighbors Around the World Recently, we launched a mini-series exploring the work of tracking and reporting anti-trans violence. You can read the initial post The Researchers: A Closer Look at the Search for Missing and Murdered Trans and Queer People I created a Q&A […]

The Researchers: A Closer Look at the Search for Missing and Murdered Trans and Queer People

Since spring 2013, I have been writing memorials for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming (TGNC) neighbors whose lives have been lost to violence. The relentless persistence of this violence is akin to a terror campaign. While I’ve frequently shared the story of how I started doing this work, I’ve less often talked about “the work” […]

Here are 15 Nonbinary Stories From Western Pennsylvania

Today is International Nonbinary People’s Day. The date, celebrated since 2012, was chosen as it falls between International Women’s Day on 8 March and International Men’s Day on 19 November. The AMPLIFY project is an archive of Q&A’s with LGBTQ+ folks who have ties to Western Pennsylvania. Here are 15 contributors who identify as non-binary (or some variant of […]

Remembering the 2022 Murder of 17 year old Black Trans Teen Morgan Moore By His Parents

Morgan Moore

The Crime My recent post about the violent deaths of 14 trans youth brought to my attention a young Black trans man, Morgan Moore. At 17 years of age, Morgan was killed by his parents through neglect, including hunger, horrific living conditions, and a lack of medical care. That’s filicide. A parent, or parents, killing […]