This page is an index to the In Memoriam posts honoring the lives and mourning the deaths of our transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming neighbors, what I describe as an epidemic and others as a campaign of terror. This reality has disproportionately impacted trans women of color, especially Black trans women.

The most recent example of missing white women syndrome compelled me to compile this data.  My numbers do not necessarily align with other sources, but they do offer a glimpse into the magnitude of this trauma facing our trans neighbors every day. Cishet and cisqueer allies do not morally have the option to look away.

2023 (8 as of March 29, 2023)

2022 (40)

2021 (57)

2020 (44)

2019 (22)

2018 (24)

2017 (25)

2016 (25)

2015 (22)

2014 (12)

2013 (4)