Political Q&A

This series stretches back to 2013 when I launched a brief series exploring the realities of LGBTQIA+ allyship. My first was with Jeanne Clark who has been a staunch ally and advocate for LGBTQ equality stretching back many years.

That led to some occasional Q&A’s with municipal candidates who won their races and moved the needle regionally. That eventually led to the current Political Q&A series focusing on candidates for office throughout Pennsylvania.

As of early March 2023, we’ve published nearly 120 such Q&A’s from all walks of the political world. We don’t elect dog catchers in Pennsylvania (although I did blog about the Pittsburgh version), but I’ve had a chance to interview school board directors, municipal council and mayors, state representatives and Senators, candidates for Congress, and even two candidates for US Senate. If you are looking at “gets” I still to interview a candidate for Governor (I’ve tried along with Lt. Governor) and then I guess President?

Or I can continue to expand into Pennsylvania and highlight the local folx doing such important work – from Philadelphia to Crawford County and then back to Lycoming County so far.

My approach changes a little each year, but I generally ask some common questions to each person regardless of office and then I do a deep dive into their individual campaigns and platforms.

My Q&A’s have been described as ‘intense’ ‘comprehensive’ ‘specific’ and ‘really long’ – all are badges of honor.

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