KDKA AM Radio Host Repeatedly Misgenders Dr. Rachel Levine, PA Secretary of Health, During Media Call

Marty Griffin misgendered Dr. Rachel Levine, PA Secretary of Health during a media call today.

She told him to knock it off.

He dithered about being too busy with his very important radio job to prioritize accuracy and respect.

Mayor Bill Peduto decided to cancel a planned appearance on another KDKA radio show in response to Griffin and the failure of the radio station to hold him accountable for his absurd shenanigans.

From the City Paper:

A transcript of the exchange is shown below:
GRIFFIN: When folks know what yellow is kind of sort of but they don’t even know what green is because you don’t. What’s the end game, sir? Where do we get to the point where folks can be confident they can conduct business if they do it safely and there’s no time frame and there’s no window? Correct me if I’m wrong, sir … ma’am.
[Levine answers]
GRIFFIN: How do you respond, doctor, to the conjecture that your response is jeopardizing the health and well being of seniors by moving them into nursing facilities even if they’re no longer COVID positive, sir?
LEVINE: So please don’t misgender me.
GRIFFIN: I’m so sorry.
LEVINE: It’s really insulting.
GRIFFIN: I apologize. It’s not malicious. I apologize. I’m so sorry.

David DeAngelo at 2 Political Junkies lays out Marty’s history (note: this link contains unedited slurs)

Marty Griffin and Wendy Bell set the tone for KDKA.

We’ve written about this man so many times, its exhausting. Good for Pgh City Paper and Mayor Peduto. We need more allies to take a similar stand.

Dr. Levine doesn’t need this distraction when she’s trying to save our lives. But no trans person does deserve this.

We can’t change Marty Griffin. We as cisgender allies need to hold the station and advertisers accountable for their content. We also need to actively support trans and nonbinary neighbors.

Read more at Pgh City Paper

Photos: Official KDKA Radio portrait (left) and CP photo: Jared Wickerham

Marty Griffin and Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto


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