Disability Pride Month: Here’s Why You Can’t Fix Me

I was most likely born with a genetic predisposition to mental illness disability. My father has undiagnosed bipolar disorder, my mother unipolar depression. Most of the adults in my family used alcohol to self-medicate. My brother has ADHD which is very adjacent to bipolar. Disability. Disability. Disability. The neglect and abuse of my childhood created […]

Disability Pride Month: Here are 100 Disability Blog Posts

In acknowledgment of Disability Pride Month, a look back at previous posts. Most of my blogging about mental health began after 2010 when I was declared totally and completely disabled by the Federal Government. I immediately hit many walls of discrimination, bias, and ignorance on the part of other people. My response was to up […]

Disability Pride Month: Do You Know About 302’s?

A 302 in Pennsylvania is shorthand for an involuntary civil commitment. 302 is the section of the Pennsylvania code under Mental Health Law. This is a disability pride issue. Last year, LGBTQ activist and writer, Susan “Sue” Kerr suffered an inexcusable violation of her civil rights when multiple officials deliberately disregarded established ‘sprocesses meant to […]

I’m an anxious girl in an anxious world

Anxiety has been my constant lifelong companion. When I was young, I didn’t have the language. I didn’t understand how these awful feelings were connected to my awful life experiences. I just internalized the anguish, transforming it to shame. I remember thinking our dog would be so lonely if we left her alone so I […]

Five Pennsylvania Health Boards Jointly Condem the Use of Conversion Therapy on Minors

“We will not let hatred masquerade as medical treatment here in Pennsylvania.” Five Pennsylvania state health boards have released a joint statement opposing conversion therapy on minors. This has been resoundingly supported by the Pennsylvania Equality Caucus of the General Assembly. This coordinated effort acknowledges the dangers associated with conversion therapy but also sends an […]

Updates Are People or Spreading My Truth

An update is important, especially when the storyline involves people we value. That’s probably why we love franchise movies so much – we want another chapter, a way to stay connected to characters who are important to us. That includes those who are fast and furious as well as those who avenge us. See what […]

Watch Me Try to Stand on My Feet Again

Your heart, your will, your car-They’ve all been brokenYou let everybodyYou got beatAnd it’s not entertainingWatching you try to stand on your feet again Can’t stop the world The GoGo’s Monday was my first full day back in my home. I slept pretty late, both because I was exhausted and because there’s no window in […]

Asking Why Four Young Trans People Have Died by Suicide in Lancaster, PA

Ashtonn Clatterbuck

Remembering Ashton Saddened to report the death of another young person. Ashton Myles Clatterbuck recently died in the early hours of February 27, 2024 at the age of twenty-two. The cause was death by suicide. Ashton was from Lancaster County Soon after, family and friends held a vigil for Ashton on February 29, 2024. Mourners […]

2024 Political Q&A with Makenzie White: What You Need to Know About This Candidate for PA Senate District 45

Meet the Candidate This is the first post of our 2024 primary election season series ‘Political Q&A’ with progressive candidates throughout Pennsylvania. Candidates can be anywhere in Pennsylvania running for any level of office. Please note that these are not necessarily endorsements, more of an opportunity for candidates to connect with the LGBTQ community, progressives […]

The Courage of An Apology, The Grace of New Insight

apology cats

And when the music playsAnd when the words areTouched with sorrowWhen the music playsAnd when the music playsI hear the soundI had to follow I recently had a chat with a high school classmate about the long-ago rift in our friendship and the chance to offer an apology. They said I was a gossip. And […]