I fail donors with complete self-awareness and no actual misgivings

I love the idea of supporting creators with a modest sustaining gift. Each month, a titch of my income goes to Substack subscriptions, some Act Blue candidates, and Patreon. Donors keep the interesting stuff happening. How I Waded In To The Pond of Promotion So I set up my own Patreon. Immediately hit a wall. […]

The reasons my blog is not sustainable. Nor am I.

My blog is not sustainable People often point out to me that my blog model is not sustainable. They seem to think this is important information for me, something I don’t know. Mediasplaining, perhaps? Should sustainability aka financial self-sufficiency define the value of media? Or the folx creating the media? Should it define anyone? Does […]

How to make this blog sustainable

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How to Support This Blog TikTok

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Reasons to Keep Saving This Blog (and the Blogger)

Next week, my journey will reach the six months mark. Six months since I was kicked out of my home under the pretext of a 303 involuntary civil commitment. Six months since my friends picked me up on from an intersection outside Western Psychiatric Hospital when I was released four hours later. Six months since […]

You Must Read This Official January Blog Update!

Blog Update

Read all about the blog. This is our new feature – a monthly wrap-up. What do you think? *|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* January Blog Review Welcome to our new subscribers!  This is our monthly blog update on our content, projects, and more!  February is a great time to become a Steel City Snowflake. During January, we posted […]

This Blog Once Again Nominated For National LGBTQ Media Award

Hey – Our Blog Is Nominated Of course, it is an honor to receive our fifth nomination in the ‘Outstanding Blog’ category of the GLAAD Media Awards. We were only the second blog to win the category twice in 2019 and 2022. It is humbling to still be relevant in our19th year of blogging. And […]

The End of My Year 2023 By the Numbers

It has been 127 days since I was involuntarily removed from my home of 18+ years – in handcuffs under false pretext using an invalid warrant. That’s one third of 2023. One entire third of my year. Gone. Every single one of those day, I have focused on two things: recovering from the traumas and […]

Celebrating 18 Years of Blogging at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

As I have said, on Friday, December 29, we celebrated a huge milestone – 18 years of blogging and the start of our 19th year of blogging. What does that look like? 6,140 blog posts – I published them, but I didn’t write them all. 330+ posts were created by the #AMPLIFY contributors. That’s 341 […]

What Are The 40 Most Well Read Blog Posts in 2023?

Once again, time to look back at the blog post content most often read this past year. Top Posts Once again, it is sobering to see so much anti-trans violence. I am humbled to do this work for over a decade as a friend requested of me, but very sad as well. Indeed, 35 of […]