Monica Diamond, 34, Black Trans Woman Murdered in North Carolina

Monica Diamond Black Trans Woman
Photo via HRC

Monica Diamond was 34-years-old Black trans woman living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Monica was the co-owner and founder of NC Phyne Promotion Company LLC, an event promotion company. She also was the co-CEO of the International Mother of the Year Pageantry System — a pageant that honors LGBTQ mothers.

On March 18. Monica became the 4th known transgender person murdered in the United States this year.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers and medics responded to a call about a disturbance involving five to six people. One, Monica, was experiencing shortness of breath and placed in an ambulance for treatment. The suspect, Prentice Bess, tried to get into the ambulance and was rebuffed. He left and returned to shoot Diamond “several times’ in the ambulance. The medic was unable to save her.

The HRC describes Monica

Through her work, Diamond spent her adult life creating community and spaces for LGBTQ people in Charlotte and beyond to come together and celebrate their lives. She was a chosen mother to countless. She was a business owner, a loving friend and she did not deserve to have her life taken from her.

Monica was being treated by a medic for shortness of breath when someone shot her to death IN AN AMBULANCE with multiple witnesses including police officers. How does that happen? In what reality does someone pull a gun and murder someone in an ambulance in front of people including cops? 

The man who murdered her is in custody awaiting charges.

Sadly, multiple news outlets are deadnaming and misgendering Monica. This puts more burdens on her friends and family to address this inaccurate reporting while they are grieving. And it is a deliberate choice by the media to disregard best practices and common decency. It literally heightens the risks other trans folx live with each day.

Hate, fear, and ignorance do not practice social distancing. We must remain vigilant to shore up the safety nets for our trans neighbors

Rest in power, Monica. You were in what we consider a safe space surrounded by friends and law enforcement and you had the right to expect the exact opposite of what transpired. You gave so much to your Charlotte family and friends. You deserved to be safe while seeking medical care. I am so sorry.

My list of transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary neighbors who have lost their lives to violent deaths in the US during 2020.

  1. Dustin Parker – McAlester, Oklahoma. January 1, 2020. Age 25.
  2. Alexa Negron Luciano – Toa Baja, Puerto RIco. February 24, 2020. Age 29.
  3. Yampi Mendez Arocho – Moca, Puerto Rico, March 5, 2020. Age 19.
  4. Monica Diamond – Charlotte, North Carolina. March 18, 2020. Age 34.

Transgender Epidemic Violence


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