Tractor Supply plows under LGBTQ Community, prefers customers not vote?

I never heard of Tractor Supply before I became involved in cat rescue work. I had no reason to visit a feed store, until I learned they had good deals on cat food and reasonable delivery policies.

So I became a paying customer. And slowly I poked around their website to see other items that might be of interest, such as a shed. A big investment for any household.

Everything changed today when Tractor Supply capitulated to the right wing in what can be described as an absolute shitshow of bootlicking toward a segment of their customers – folx they describe as rural America, but the rest of us know as just plain jagoffs.

We work hard to live up to our Mission and Values every day and represent the values of the communities and customers we serve. We have heard from customers that we have disappointed them. We have taken this feedback to heart.

Okay. I don’t remember being asked to share my feedback. But maybe?

This mishmash of hogfeed they call a new strategy is absolutely bonkers.

Going forward, we will ensure our activities and giving tie directly to our business. For instance, this8 means we will:

  1. No longer submit data to the Human Rights Campaign
  2. Refocus our Team Member Engagement Groups on mentoring, networking and supporting the business
  3. Further focus on rural America priorities including ag education, animal welfare, veteran causes and being a good neighbor and stop sponsoring nonbusiness activities like pride festivals and voting campaigns 
  4. Eliminate DEI roles and retire our current DEI goals while still ensuring a respectful environment
  5. Withdraw our carbon emission goals and focus on our land and water conservation efforts

What on earth is this supposed to mean? Rural Americans don’t value diversity, equity, fairness, etc?

The Human Rights Campaign is a very targeted jab at the LGBTQ community. ‘Veteran’ causes are not exclusive to rural America, nor cisgender heterosexual America. ‘Being a good neighbor’ means not supporting pride festivals? I guess we can call that the Target effect.

So we get it, Tractor Supply, you are moving into the Chick-fil-A void of hate and ignorance and bringing your very own chickens with you.

What I don’t understand is your suggestion that voting rights is the same thing as supporting your LGBTQ neighbors. Voting is a fundamental nonpartisan aspect of being an American, regardless of where you live. Your company is stronger if your customers and team members are active participants in democracy – if they vote on the “rural American’ issues you claim to have in hand.

How exactly do you continue water and land conservation efforts if your people don’t vote? Or is that the point. If you make voting a queer thing do so, along with breathing emission free air, you’ve capitalized fear and ignorance into your profit margin.

I can just buy my cat food and urban homesteading supplies elsewhere. Not everyone has that luxury. My heart breaks for queer farmers who have to walk into a Tractor Supply, knowing the company has put a target on their backs.

The reasoning is flawed and inconsistent, but the message is clear – Tractor Supply is part of the MAGA nation.

Shame on them for such a greedy and violent decision. Shame on everyone who shops there and doesn’t think that it could be them next.

I mean, who on earth stops focusing on carbon emission goals?


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