Last Night, I Dreamed About My Mother’s New Memories

Kerry and Susan Pryor circa 1945 in Munhall, Pennsylvania

Last night, I met my mother in my dreams. She was living in a shabby chic bungalow with bright decorations and her beloved drapes gracing every window. Just as I arrived I saw her mother – my grandmother – pull out of the driveway in a practical blue sedan. I waved, but unsure if she […]

Kick the Can: The Loneliness of Generation X Childhood

Generation X childhood

I enjoy the Generation X content across most platforms. It is funny, insightful, and nuanced. I was born in October 1970, so I am right in that solid Gen X era. The 70s were my childhood, the 80s my adolescence. Yes, I often drank water from a hose. Yes, my brother and I were left […]

Father’s Day regrets about my Dad’s obituary

My father died in February of this year. I was unable to provide him a traditional rite of passage – an obituary in our local daily paper. I clung to that void with a firm grip, turning it over in my mind to determine why it troubled me. Sadness that he was denied that final […]

The folx who showed up are the people I choose #LGBTQFamiliesDay

This is my 15th year participating in #LGBTQFamiliesDay Monday, June 3, 2024, is the 19th Annual LGBTQ Families Day, a time to celebrate the many families with LGBTQ people in them who live in every state and almost every county of the U.S. The event aims to raise awareness of the diversity, joys, and challenges […]

My Queer Memorial Day 2024


This was my first holiday weekend at my home since the Fourth of July last year. I was living here over Easter, but spent that weekend cat sitting for friends. The death of our beloved cat companion Precious overshadowed everything so I have to take that into consideration. But I had no plans. Not good. […]

Does It Matter that ‘I Remember Mama’ Told Some Lies?

So I never called my mother “Mama” – we called her “Mum” – but the title of this post is also the title of her favorite movie, a 1948 drama about a Norwegian-American family in the early 20th century. My mother loved this film in all its hazy hardworking glory. Her affection led me to […]

Updates Are People or Spreading My Truth

An update is important, especially when the storyline involves people we value. That’s probably why we love franchise movies so much – we want another chapter, a way to stay connected to characters who are important to us. That includes those who are fast and furious as well as those who avenge us. See what […]

Now I’m Left to Wonder if Anyone Noticed That My Dad Died.

My Dad died on February 28, 2024. Early that morning, I arrived at the funeral home and see one arrangement of flowers. They were from my brother’s coworkers. Two more arrangements arrived later that day. I don’t know who sent them. That was it. We had listed ‘Kerry’s Kittens‘ as a charity in lieu of […]

Just know you’re not alone. Cause they are going to make this place my home

Tomorrow, I am going home. It was more than six months ago since I was removed from my home of 18+ years with an invalid petition to involuntarily commit me. I was released in under five hours. But the locks to my home were changed. A good family lawyer righted that wrong, but it took […]

His life was the news obituary that is never written. Jim Kerr (1941-2024)

I went to see my father at the funeral home this morning. I do not feel safe around most of my cousins and extended family because of the secret keeping that ravaged our entire family. So the funeral home permitted me to visit privately before opening to the public. My childhood friend Stephanie offered to […]