Disability Pride Month: Here are 100 Disability Blog Posts

In acknowledgment of Disability Pride Month, a look back at previous posts.

Most of my blogging about mental health began after 2010 when I was declared totally and completely disabled by the Federal Government. I immediately hit many walls of discrimination, bias, and ignorance on the part of other people. My response was to up end the apple cart of stigma and silence.

These posts are not in exactly chronological order, but generally so. They are a representative sample, but not every single post I’ve written on these topics.

  1. Disability Pride Month: Do You Know About 302’s?
  2. Mental Health Check-In
  3. How Discovering My Superpowers Gave Me True Courage
  4. The Death of Billy Miller Due To Bipolar Depression is Important
  5. Asking Why Four Young Trans People Have Died by Suicide in Lancaster, PA
  6. Updates Are People or Spreading My Truth
  7. Watch Me Try to Stand on My Feet Again
  8. Crowdfund and Life Update
  9. It is Hard to Get The Feeling and Sounds of Being Handcuffed Out of My Mind
  10. Here’s My Video Letter to Senator John Fetterman About Disability
  11. My Letter to Senator John Fetterman Regarding Bullying and Disabilities
  12. How I’m Resisting Social Anxiety During These Holidays
  13. Hypomania is Here
  14. Hypomania and King Cake
  15. My Haudenosunee Dream Catcher
  16. My World Mental Health Day in 2022
  17. Living With Birthday Anxiety
  18. Pennsylvania Governor Signs Executive Order to Protect LGBTQIA+ Pennsylvanians from Conversion Therapy
  19. Processing Trauma of Childhood Hunger
  20. Mental Health Check-In
  21. A Day With Social Anxiety
  22. Pride Anxiety
  23. A Mental Health Milestone For Me
  24. Fazing my therapist
  25. The Summer I Hoped to Have Without Loneliness
  26. Two Trans Folx Experiencing Mental Health Crisis Shot and Killed by Police in Separate Incidents
  27. More On Disability Pride from The 19th
  28. Sharing (Part of) My Mental Health Journey on #WorldMentalHealthDay
  29. A Mental Health Crisis Wrapped in the Middle of a Pandemic While the People Rise Up
  30. Finding Pride in My Disability
  31. Unpacking Dr. Oz Attacking John Fetterman for Surviving a Stroke
  32. COVID – Lingering
  33. Behind the essay: How writing about SSDI took a toll on my mental health
  34. Et tu, Hannah Gadsby? “Phone Free Experiences” and ADA Accommodations #MentalHealthAwareness
  35. Behind the Scenes with Social Anxiety on the Day of the Hannah Gadsby Show
  36. Autistic Asian-American Teen Trans Woman Kathryn Newhouse Murdered by Her Father in Georgia
  37. The Time a Lesbian Democrat Shamed Me for Being a Disabled Person With Cats
  38. That Time When the Social Security Administration Took Away My Disability Benefits Without Telling Me Why: Part One
  39. Losing My Psychiatrist on World Mental Health Day
  40. And Spring Depression Cometh …
  41. Let the record show that I spoke up for Susan Kerr and said that what she endured was not okay
  42. Scooping Cat Litter Boxes is Good For My Mental Health
  43. The Opposite of Abandonment
  44. Why I’m Blogging About Mental Health Awareness Month
  45. #Hysterecovery and Mental Health
  46. Four Reasons We Use a Q&A Format to Interview Artists & The Exception We Made for Emily Saliers
  47. Five Ways to Improve Accessibility of Your Special Event in Pittsburgh
  48. Unleashing Hope
  49. Raise Your Hands. Raise Your Hands High.
  51. A Tall Drink of Water To Help My Mental Health #NaBloPoMo
  52. May is Mental Health Awareness Month
  53. Empathy and Mental Health
  54. Getting It Right When It Comes To Mental Health
  55. Four Ways to Take a Mental Health Break (at Starbucks)
  56. Gay Marriage is Good Mental Health
  57. When Housekeeping Services are Ableist and Traumatizing #MentalHealthAwareness
  58. Today is the 30th Anniversary of My Graduation From College #MentalHealthAwareness
  59. Q&A with Therapist Matthew Reinhart About Trauma During a Pandemic
  60. When I Was Toxic
  61. Five Pennsylvania Health Boards Jointly Condem the Use of Conversion Therapy on Minors
  62. Do pheromones draw people with mood disorders together?
  63. Depression and leaving me home with the dog
  64. Depression renders user unhelpful
  65. Pandemic Depression
  66. Welcoming Depression
  67. Bipolar hypomania during a pandemic
  68. The Destructive Creativity of Hypomania
  69. Teletherapy and Coping with COVID-19
  70. Four Phases of My Mental Illness Journey (So Far)
  71. Minute by minute with anxiety
  72. Trauma and Tough Love Do Not Mix
  73. The loneliness of October
  74. Post Vacation Anxiety
  75. Review: Weighted Blankets by Magic Weighted Blanket Helps Me Manage Anxiety
  76. ‘Nowhere to breathe easy’ – That Time When Anxiety Spoiled My Chance to See Heart and Joan Jett Perform. Here’s How It Happened.
  77. Anxiety Ruined My Chance To Meet Damon Young
  78. A Hard Reset to Cope with Complex Trauma
  79. Facing Complex Trauma as an Adult
  80. My (Most Recent) Trauma Timeline and Losing My Voice
  81. Reverse Seasonal Depression and Spring
  82. #Hysterecovery and Mental Health
  83. Why I’m Blogging About Mental Health Awareness Month
  84. Five Ways to Support A Friend Living With Acute Mental Illness
  85. Ten Years Ago This Weekend, I Voluntarily Committed Myself to a Psychiatric Unit
  86. The Season of Depression Has Sprung
  87. Anxiety Doesn’t Always Win
  88. The Tough Times
  89. The First Time I Called 911
  90. Five Ways to Support A Friend Living With Acute Mental Illness
  91. My Therapist is a Nun
  92. May is Mental Health Awareness Month
  93. I am a mental patient. Hear me whimper?
  94. Would You Bring a Casserole to a Mental Patient?
  95. This Is Spring Depression
  96. Empathy and Mental Health
  97. Why I Am Spewing All This Heavy Stuff On My Blog
  98. I’m an anxious girl in an anxious world
  99. Four Ways to Take a Mental Health Break (at Starbucks)
  100. The First Time I Saw a Therapist


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