Crowdfund and Life Update

I’m still doing okay – safe with friends and taking things one day at a time. I went back to court last week, negotiated and agreed to a continuance, and took a break. Spent a lot of time with my nephews this weekend.

We had a firepit fire and made s’mores. Celebrated a birthday and a ‘gotcha day’ with cake. My younger nephew’s room where I’vve been sleeping is now officially the guestroom as he aged up to the larger bedroom his brother had vacated for the basement. Lots of moving around.

I used some of the funds you donated to buy a full sized bed frame and mattress. I’ll use it here as long as I’m here, but I also will use it when I go home. So that’s a concrete thing I’ve done. Last night was my first night using the bed frame after E’s bunkbeds were moved into his room. The mattress arrives on Thursday. I’ve never actually had a brand new bed frame and a brand new mattress that I selected. So that’s a silver lining. Not really, but it is a step forward. Like a fresh chapter or even trauma free furnishings.

One other new things has been eating almost exclusively vegetarian food while I’m staying here. I ordered Chinese food one night and got chicken something. But I find that it’s not a hard transition. Will I keep it up? Maybe. There’s no reason not to. I have not yet had tofurkey. That might be a deal breaker – LOL.

My days are busy. I have therapy 3x week to deal with all of the things. I see my psychiatrist 1x week right now. I start PT next week. That’s a lot.

I am still trying to figure out the car situation. No offers of a replacement Cat Car yet!

What did happen was that someone I helped earlier in the year with their cat’s illness reached out to offer me their tangible services as a contractor if I need that. A person I dated in 1998 sent me a message out of the blue. It reminds me that our ‘support network’ may be wider than we think.

I miss my home and miss my cats. Thanks to your support, I’ll have a lawyer every step of the way. I hope.

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