82 Bi+ Stories From Western Pennsylvania to Honor Bisexual Visibility Day

Bisexual Pittsburgh
Some of the contributors to #AMPLIFY whom identify as bisexual

Since 1999 we have honored and acknowledged the bi+ community.

Bisexual+ Awareness Week seeks to accelerate acceptance of the bi+ (pansexual, fluid, no label, queer, etc.) community. #BiWeek draws attention to the experiences, while also celebrating the resiliency of, the bisexual+ community.

Throughout #BiWeek, allies and bi+ people learn about the history, culture, community, and current policy priorities of bi+ communities.

Bi+ folks make up 51% of the LGBTQ community, yet they are often the most underrepresented and invisible members of our community. About 26% of our contributors identify under the bisexual umbrella, even with the option to remain anonymous. Fear and erasure rob all of us of our community’s robust stories.

What does the bi community look like in Pittsburgh? I could try to summarize, butI think it is honestly better if you read the first person accounts from our bi neighbors as listed below. There’s no one universal experience or solution. I have learned so much from these wonderful neighbors and friends.

Please consider joining this Facebook group to connect with the bisexual community in Pittsburgh and Western PA.

For more valuable information, please read this report from the Movement Advancement Project – and take note of a prominent Pittsburgh bisexual person on the cover who also submitted an #AMPLIFY post.

In honor of Bi Visibility Day, I’ve compiled a list of the #AMPLIFY contributions from folx who identify under the bi umbrella. These contributions date back to 2015.

I hope you will take some time to read these posts and reflect on the experiences of your bisexual neighbors today and other days. This list is not exhaustive so feel free to read the larger archive. To read more about AMPLIFY, please visit the homepage for the project.

And we’d love to include your story as we move forward if you are bi+ or an LGTQ ally to the bi community. Click here to fill out the Q&A. It takes about 30 minutes. To be eligible, you should be 18+, identify as LGBTQ+, and have ties to Western PA. You are welcome to share your story.

If you aren’t part of this group, I hope you see some piece of your story reflected and find comfort in that visibility. You deserve to be loved and supported. You deserve to be seen and heard.

  1. AMPLIFY! Donna Met a Female Impersonator Who Made a Lasting Impression
  2. AMPLIFY! Gina Shares Her Truth With Those Who Deserve To Know
  3. AMPLIFY! Paula Speaks Out About Bisexual Exclusion and Bi Erasure
  4. Coley Claims To Be Invisible in Plain Sight #AMPLIFY
  5. Kitty Is Out and Open as a Bisexual Trans Woman in Erie County #AMPLIFY
  6. Ashe Believes To Be Queer Is To Be Yourself #AMPLIFY
  7. Anonymous Grieves How Pgh’s Lesbian & Gay Community Treats Bisexuals #AMPLIFY
  8. Raven Has Not Told Anyone That She’s Pansexual Because She’s Afraid #AMPLIFY
  9. Erin Answered These Questions To Challenge Bisexual Erasure #AMPLIFY
  10. Jean Came Out As Bisexual After Her Retirement #AMPLIFY
  11. Niki Talks About Living as a Gender Queer Trans Woman in Pittsburgh #AMPLIFY
  12. Ade is Pansexual, Androgynous and Finds Comfort in Their UU Community #AMPLIFY
  13. Elliot is Bi, Trans and Wishes Westmoreland County Was Talking More About Queer Youth
  14. Heather Refuses To Marginalize Herself As a Bisexual Woman #AMPLIFY
  15. Lela Wants Bisexual Voices To Be Heard #AMPLIFY
  16. Minion Wants To Talk About What It Means to be a Queer, Black, Futch Leathergirl #AMPLIFY
  17. Ama, 30, is a Girl Who Likes Girls and Who Likes Guys #AMPLIFY
  18. Tylor, 30, Is a Pansexual Trans Man Who Wants Better For Young People #AMPLIFY
  19. Mia Donna Has Wild Happy Life as a Pansexual Polyamorous Person #AMPLIFY
  20. Maggio, 28, is Unapologetically a Bi-sexual Queer Feminist Scholar #AMPLIFY
  21. Rachel, 30, is in the Process of Coming Out as Bisexual #AMPLIFY
  22. Staci, 52, Wants More Representation For The Bi Community #AMPLIFY
  23. alexis, 29, talks compensation & community for marginalized lgbtq neighbors #AMPLIFY
  24. Mel, 40: Bi, Queer and Pan Folks Don’t Always Speak in a Gay or Lesbian Voice #AMPLIFY
  25. Kim, 40, Mother, Pansexual, Mexican-American & Washington Co Resident #AMPLIFY
  26. Avery is a Bisexual, Latino Trans Man in Cambria County #AMPLIFY
  27. Jessica, 28, Is Resisting Bisexual Erasure in Pgh #AMPLIFY
  28. Dominic, 18, Is a Bisexual Man Finding His Comfort Zone in College #AMPLIFY
  29. Janet, 66, is Bisexual, Cisgender and Gender Nonconforming
  30. Ciora, 27, Says Trans People Have the Strength of Two Souls
  31. Lavi, 29, is Trans Queer Bi and Wants Your Respect & Support
  32. Alexa, 22, Talks About Acceptance as a Bisexual Woman #AMPLIFY
  33. Ira, 30, Identifies as Pansexual, Genderqueer and Possibly Agender
  34. Vi, 24, Is Very Concerned About Trans Health Issues in Pittsburgh #AMPLIFY4
  35. Tara, 29, Describes Life in the Shenango Valley as a Bisexual Woman #AMPLIFY
  36. Ravenna, 37, Pansexual Trans Woman Living in the Allegheny County Suburbs
  37. Vanessa, 31, Describes Her Transition & Life as Pansexual in Washington County
  38. Leo, 42, is a Bi Man in Erie County Who Wants to be Heard #AMPLIFY
  39. Kyle Discusses Privilege & Perception of Gay, White, Cisgender Men #AMPLIFY
  40. Brandon, 23, Identifies as a Pansexual Genderqueer Male
  41. Jesse, 28, Helps To Build New LGBTQ Community Supports in Mercer County #AMPLIFY
  42. Megan, 22, is a Bisexual Woman Using Her Voice To Grow Her Community #AMPLIFY
  43. Tyler, 18, is a Pansexual Trans Man in Erie #AMPLIFY
  44. Chica Discusses Her Bisexuality to Show Solidarity #AMPLIFY
  45. Krissy, 34, Talks About Step Parenting as a Bisexual Woman #AMPLIFY
  46. Seth, 21, Came Out as Bi and Trans Via Power Point #AMPLIFY
  47. Tanha, 36, is a Queer, Bisexual Woman in Erie #AMPLIFY
  48. Selene, 60, is genderfluid, pansexual, femme-presenting, neuroqueer and more
  49. Krista, 28, Lives in Washington, PA as a Pansexual Woman
  50. Angie, 32: Out, Loud, and Proud Black Pansexual Mom #AMPLIFY
  51. Roxxie Thunder, 27, is a Glittery Pansexual Femme from Beaver County
  52. Jamaica, 41, is Bisexual and Wants the Pgh Queer Community to Have a Voice #AMPLIFY
  53. Carmen is 42, Bisexual, and Resonates With Genderfluid Identity #AMPLIFY
  54. Morgan, 31, is a Black, Bisexual, Queer, Polyamorous Woman & Mother #AMPLIFY
  55. Lisa, 47, is a Bi Woman Trying to Find Community in Pittsburgh
  56. Amy, 46, is Bi in Pittsburgh, But Not Really Out
  57. Alexia, 40, is Bisexual, Transgender, and Loves Pittsburgh
  58. Reece, 31, Grew up in Southern Virginia, but Found LGBTQ Connections in Pittsburgh
  59. Hilary, 44, Works Hard to Boost Pansexual Identity in Erie County
  60. Helen, 51, Came Out as Bisexual in the Army National Guard
  61. Laura, 42, is a Bisexual Mom in Pittsburgh
  62. Dan, 36, is a Bisexual Man in Pittsburgh Who Wants to Build a Better World
  63. Jennifer is 40, Bisexual, and a Fan of Sara Lance
  64. Winter, 18, Identifies as a Genderquestioning Bisexual Person
  65. He’s a cisgender polyamorous bisexual guy, but nobody asks
  66. Madison, 40, is a Pansexual, Trans Woman Who Loves Pittsburgh
  67. Rae, 48, is a Pansexual Trans Woman Living in Allegheny County
  68. Kyle, 22, is a Bisexual, Vegetarian from Crawford County
  69. Hutch, 57, Marched With Harvey Milk and Knows We Have Miles To Go
  70. Jess, 22, is a Poly, Bisexual Woman in Pittsburgh
  71. Louie, 50, Identifies as Queer, Pansexual, & Kinky
  72. Carla, 39, Identifies as a Bisexual, Non-Binary Scientist and Educator
  73. Rachael, 21, Describes Bisexual Life in Rural Western PA
  74. Flip, 32, Describes Rural & Urban Life as a Pansexual, Queer Man
  75. Lisa Moondrop, 33, Has a Voice as a Bisexual Person in Western Pennsylvaia
  76. Eli, 37, is a Queer Bisexual, Trans Man, and Small Business Owner
  77. Suzanne, 39, never felt that honoring her orientation was even an option
  78. Ashley, 18, is a Bisexual/Queer Woman Attending College in Allegheny County
  79. B, 28, Feels Alone As a Bisexual Person in Beaver County #AMPLIFY
  80. Destiny, 24, is Deaf, Autistic, Androgyne, and Bisexual #AMPLIFY
  81. Castiel, 36, is Bisexual and Gender Fluid in Westmoreland County #AMPLIFY
  82. Anonymouse, 62, is an Atypical Late Blooming Bisexual in Somerset County #AMPLIFY

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