35 Western Pennsylvania Voices on Pansexual Visibility Day

May 24 is Pansexual Visibility Day. According to HRC

Pan people’s sexuality can often be erased when they are assumed to be either gay or straight, or when their pan identity isn’t taken seriously, so it’s essential to make sure that we uplift the voices of pan people.

Being pan can mean different things to those who use it. For some, it describes someone who has the potential for emotional, romantic or sexual attraction to people of any gender, or no gender, though not necessarily simultaneously, in the same way or to the same degree.

Some people use pansexual as the sole term to describe their sexuality, while others use pan in addition to other words. It is also often considered part of the overall bisexual+ community and can be used alongside a number of other terms in this family such as “bi,” “queer” or “fluid.”

From 2015-2019, we collected first person accounts from LGBTQIA+ folks with ties to Western Pennsylvania via the #AMPLIFY project.Their voices come across generations, regions, and life experiences to give us a better understanding of the pansexual community. Take a deep dive into these 35 Q&A’s and then the larger archive of over 300 stories.

Please note that I scoured the archives to find all entries from pansexual individuals, but may have inadvertently overlooked someone. Please reach out to me if that is the case.



  1. Raven Has Not Told Anyone That She’s Pansexual Because She’s Afraid #AMPLIFY
  2. Ade is Pansexual, Androgynous and Finds Comfort in Their UU Community #AMPLIFY
  3. Tylor, 30, Is a Pansexual Trans Man Who Wants Better For Young People #AMPLIFY
  4. Mia Donna Has Wild Happy Life as a Pansexual Polyamorous Person #AMPLIFY
  5. Mel, 40: Bi, Queer and Pan Folks Don’t Always Speak in a Gay or Lesbian Voice #AMPLIFY
  6. Kim, 40, Mother, Pansexual, Mexican-American & Washington Co Resident #AMPLIFY
  7. Ciora, 27, Says Trans People Have the Strength of Two Souls
  8. Lavi, 29, is Trans Queer Bi and Wants Your Respect & Support
  9. Ira, 30, Identifies as Pansexual, Genderqueer and Possibly Agender
  10. Ravenna, 37, Pansexual Trans Woman Living in the Allegheny County Suburbs
  11. Vanessa, 31, Describes Her Transition & Life as Pansexual in Washington County
  12. Brandon, 23, Identifies as a Pansexual Genderqueer Male
  13. Tyler, 18, is a Pansexual Trans Man in Erie #AMPLIFY
  14. Selene, 60, is genderfluid, pansexual, femme-presenting, neuroqueer and more
  15. Krista, 28, Lives in Washington, PA as a Pansexual Woman
  16. Angie, 32: Out, Loud, and Proud Black Pansexual Mom #AMPLIFY
  17. Roxxie Thunder, 27, is a Glittery Pansexual Femme from Beaver County
  18. Morgan, 31, is a Black, Bisexual, Queer, Polyamorous Woman & Mother #AMPLIFY
  19. Hilary, 44, Works Hard to Boost Pansexual Identity in Erie County
  20. He’s a cisgender polyamorous bisexual guy, but nobody asks
  21. Madison, 40, is a Pansexual, Trans Woman Who Loves Pittsburgh
  22. Rae, 48, is a Pansexual Trans Woman Living in Allegheny County
  23. Louie, 50, Identifies as Queer, Pansexual, & Kinky
  24. Flip, 32, Describes Rural & Urban Life as a Pansexual, Queer Man
  25. Vincent, 54, is a Nonbinary Transmasculine & Queer Asian Pacific Islander in Pittsburgh
  26. Lisa Moondrop, 33, Has a Voice as a Bisexual Person in Western Pennsylvania 
  27. Chris, 40, is an Aspie Queer Girl With Some Kinks
  28. Jesse, 28, Helps To Build New LGBTQ Community Supports in Mercer County 
  29. Tara, 29, Describes Life in the Shenango Valley as a Bisexual Woman 
  30. Minion Wants to Talk About What It Means to Be a Queer Black Futch Leathergirl
  31. Carina, 18, Identifies as Plus Sized Monogamous Queer and Femme 
  32. Moira Describes the Toll of Gatekeeping on the Trans Community
  33. Kaley is Trans, Queer and a Fan of Gender Outlaws
  34. Coley Claims to Be Invisible in Plain Sight
  35. Twist Shares Their Life as Neuroqueer


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