Suspected DUI Driver Crosses Lanes, Kills Virginia Trans Advocate Before the New Year

Lexus Walker via Facebook

The Crime

The last violent fatality of 2023 comes at the hands of a familiar foe, alcohol or more specifically driving under the influence. Lexus Walker, a Black trans woman, was 43 when she was killed by an alleged drunk driver doing the wrong way through a stretch of tunnels in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This took place on Saturday, December 30, 2023.

State Police reported the collision happened at around 3:15 a.m. Authorities said Dominique Goodwin, 27, of Chesapeake, was traveling east in her Volkswagen Tiguan in the westbound lanes, leading her to crash into Walker’s Chevrolet Equinox. 

Honoring Lexus

Born in Augusta, Georgia, Lexus was raised primarily in Portsmouth, Virginia. She graduated from IC Norcom High, then graduated from Centura College in 2013. She worked in promotions, also was certified in massage therapy, and a beloved fixture on local stages.

Driving under the influence is not something the LGBTQ community adequately addresses, nor do we talk enough about addiction and abuse of alcohol. My own heart feels this even though I did not know Lexus. because too many members of my family drive under the influence. And, yes, Lexus was not the one one driving under the influence, but she paid the price. But it never seems to be enough to change our patterns.

To honor her, a candlelight vigil is scheduled for Friday, January 5, 6 PM at the Waterside Pier. Earlier in the week, an open mic event is scheduled to offer a space to pay tribute to her.

“She [was] also a mentor, especially in the trans community. She has her kids that have been out for years or just came out last week whose families may not be there for them, and she was the family,” said Brendan Mulligan, a coworker and friend, to 13 NewsNow.

Indeed, Lexus’ Facebook page is filled with the names of her drag children along with tributes and deep grief.

The Context

Further, Lexus is the 43rd person on our list for 2023. She is also the 33rd trans woman on this list, the 18th Black trans woman, and the 23nd Black trans person on this list. By our count, we have identified at least 43 transgender, gender nonconforming, and non binary neighbors who lost their lives to violence in 2023. And for the overall year, we lost one neighbor every 8.6 days, nearly every week. The Hampton Roads area has been site of two similar homicides in the past two years.

As I hope this will be the final report for 2023, it is important to acknowledge a few additional sobering statistics. Note that 76% of the 2023 victims were trans women. Further, 54% of the victims were Black, and 75% were BIPOC. Eight were 21 and under while 11 were over 30.

Rest in power, Lexus. Your death echoes through your community, reflecting the powerful bonds you’ve forged with everyone around you. Thank you for all that you’ve brought to the community, the love and joy, the education and awareness. Thank you for celebrating volunteerism. You deserved better on this holiday weekend, to drive safely home is something we all take for granted. I am sorry we did not create a safer world for you.

May your memory be a revolution.

This is our list

This is our list of transgender, non binary, and gender nonconforming neighbors who have been victims of the campaign of terror in 2023. Please do not copy, modify, or share this list without attribution.

  1. Jasmine ‘Star’ Mack – District of Columbia, January 7, 2023. Age 36.
  2. KC Johnson – Wilmington, North Carolina, January 13, 2023. Age 27.
  3. Tortuguita – Weelaunee Forest, Georgia, January 18, 2023. Age 26.
  4. Unique Banks – Chicago, Illinois, January 23, 2023. Age 21.
  5. Zachee Imanitwitaho – Louisville, Kentucky, February 3, 2023. Age 26.
  6. Maria Jose Rivera Rivera – Houston, Texas, January 21, 2023. Age 22.
  7. Cashay Henderson – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, February 27, 2023. Age 31.
  8. Tasiyah ‘Siyah’ Woodland – Mechanicsville, Maryland, March 24, 2023. Age 18.
  9. Ashley Burton – Atlanta, Georgia, April 11, 2023. Age 37.
  10. Rasheeda Williams – Atlanta, Georgia, April 18, 2023. Age 35.
  11. Banko Brown – San Francisco, California, April 27, 2023. Age 24.
  12. Ashia Davis – Detroit, Michigan, June 2, 2023. Age 34
  13. Chanell Perez Ortiz – Carolina, Puerto Rico, June 25, 2023. Age 29.
  14. Jacob Williamson – Pageland, South Carolina, July 4, 2023, Age 18.
  15. Camdyn Rider – Winter Haven, Florida, July 21, 2023. Age 21.
  16. Kylie Monali – Riverside, California, September 7, 2022, Reported September 2023.
  17. DéVonnie J’Rae Johnson – Los Angeles, California, August 7, 2023. Age 27.
  18. Thomas ‘Tom-Tom’ Robinson – Calumet, Indiana, August 17, 2023. Age 28.
  19. Charm Wilson – Cleveland, Ohio, September 8, 2023. Age 32.
  20. Bre’Asia Bankz – Arizona, September 5, 2023. Age 27.
  21. Alexa Sokova – Palm Bay, Florida, September 5, 2023. Age 30.
  22. YOKO – New Orleans Louisiana, September 19, 2023. Age 30.
  23. Codii Lawrence – Weirton, West Virginia, September 5, 2023. Age 25.
  24. Unidentified Person – Dallas, Texas,. July 2023. Age unknown
  25. Dolli Goins – Eugene, Oregon, August 10, 2023. Age 27.
  26. Luis Ángel Díaz Castro – San Juan, Puerto Rico, August 12, 2023. Age 22.
  27. Thaddeus ‘Tad’ Keegan Bradley – Mendocino, California, Sept 21st, 2021. Reported April 27, 2023.
  28. Sherlyn Marjorie – Albuquerque, Nex Mexico, September 17, 2023. Age 35.
  29. Chyna Long – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 8, 2023. Age 20.
  30. Skylar Harrison – Washington, DC, October 2, 2023. Age 30.
  31. A’Nee Johnson – Washington, DC, October 14, 2023. Age 30.
  32. Dominic Palace Dupree – Chicago, Illinois, October 13, 2023. Age 25.
  33. Lisa Love -Chicago, Illinois, October19, 2023. Age 35.
  34. Lovely Page – Chicago, Illinois, August 16, 2023. Age 54.
  35. London Price – Miami, Florida, October 23, 2023. Age 26.
  36. LaKendra Andrews – Dallas, Texas, April 29, 2023. Age 26.
  37. Kejuan Richardson – Toledo, Ohio, November 14, 2023. Age 21.
  38. Amiri Jean Richardson – Toledo, Ohio, November 14, 2023. Age 21.
  39. Jean Thomas Butchart – Belleville, Michigan, August 4, 2023. Age 26.
  40. Shandon Floyd – Columbia, South Carolina, November 8, 2023. Age 20.
  41. Savannah Williams – St. Paul, Minnesota, November 29, 2023. Age 38.
  42. Meghan Riley Lewis – Del Mar, Maryland, December 27, 2023. Age 53.
  43. Lexus Walker – Hampton Roads, Virginia, December 30, 2023. Age 43.
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