Read #TheResearchers Q&A With Noah ‘The Stigma Fighter’

The Researchers Investigating Missing, Murdered, Unclaimed, and Unidentified Trans and Queer Neighbors Around the World Recently, we launched a mini-series exploring the work of tracking and reporting anti-trans violence. You can read the initial post The Researchers: A Closer Look at the Search for Missing and Murdered Trans and Queer People I created a Q&A […]

The Researchers: A Closer Look at the Search for Missing and Murdered Trans and Queer People

Since spring 2013, I have been writing memorials for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming (TGNC) neighbors whose lives have been lost to violence. The relentless persistence of this violence is akin to a terror campaign. While I’ve frequently shared the story of how I started doing this work, I’ve less often talked about “the work” […]

Six Weeks After Moving to Minneapolis, Trans Woman Liara Kaylee Tsai Was Killed by Former Partner

The Crime A beloved was recently murdered on June 22 by a former romantic partner in Minnesota. Liara Kaylee Tsai, 35, was killed in her home, bundled into a mattress and bedding, then placed in her vehicle. From The Advocate. Olmsted County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene of the single-vehicle accident and found [Margot] […]

Black Trans Woman Shannon Boswell Mortally Shot, Run Over in Atlanta. She was 30.

The Crime A Black trans woman was shot and killed last week in an Atlanta suburb. Shannon Boswell, 30, was then run over by a car. Officials assumed Shannon was the victim of a hit and run. Friends and family reported the shooting to law enforcement, but they only responded when the medical examiner’s report […]

14 trans youth have died violently since 2022 in the US

The brutal murder of 14 year old Pauly Likens in Western Pennsylvania is far from an isolated incident.. Looking through my archive of memorial posts, I found 14 listings of youth and young adults 21 and under. That’s a span of 18 months, averaging nearly one trans youth brutally murdered each month. They represent more […]

14 Year Old Trans Girl Brutally Murdered in Western Pennsylvania

I am holding space tonight for this young community member and neighbor whose life was taken in a brutal manner. Pauly Likens was from Sharon, PA. She liked to wear fake nails and/or polish. She likely died on June 22 or 23. Sharon is about 75 miles from my home in Pittsburgh. I have been […]

Black Trans Woman Victim of Fatal Hit and Run

Kita Bee

The Crime On Friday, May 3, 2024, , 46-year-old Kita Bee, a Black trans woman, was struck by one or possibly two vehicles in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Kita was a pedestrian near the 3200 block of Independence Avenue. About 9:30 PM, a silver Chevy Silverado struck the pedestrian and fled the scene. […]

Pittsburgh Protect Trans Kid Projects Has Yard Signs and More

The Protect Trans Kids Project has new energy so please request your sign or sticker, invite your friends. To kick things off, we revised our video set to the vocal styling of Social Justice Disco. Thanks to Liz Berlin, Phat Man Dee, and Dr. Holly Hood. Request a sign Donate to help share more […]

Mourning Nevaeh ‘River’ Goddard: The Brutal Killing Of A 17 Year Old Nonbinary Teen in Massachusetts

River Nevaeh Goddard

The tragic death of 17 year old River Goddard, also known as Phoenix and Nevaeh has rocked their Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities. We have also learned that River identified as nonbinary. The Crime The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children listed River as a missing child since April 2022, around age 15. On […]

Trans Latina África Parrilla García Was Killed in San Juan

África Parrilla García, a Latina trans woman, was shot and killed in San Juan on February 2. She was 25. New of her death has recently come to light. The Crime An unknown gunman shot África multiple times on Aurora Street in the capital city at around 1 a.m. on February 2, according to Puerto […]