Pebbles LaDime Doe is the 14th Trans Woman Murdered in the US During 2019 UPDATED

Pebbles LaDime Doe
Photo: South Carolina Equality

Pebbles LaDime ‘Dime” Doe was 24 years old. She was born in 1994 and raised in Allendale, South Carolina. On August 4, she was murdered in her hometown less than 100 miles from the place where Denali Stuckey, another Black trans woman, was killed in late July.

Details are sketchy right now and the limited media is misgendering and deadnaming Pebbles. She made her identity quite clear on her Facebook page where posts also implied she had strong relationships with people in her family of origin. Family members say Dime’s body was found inside of a car in a driveway off of Concord Church Road in Allendale County. But there are not other details available.
Doe was found Sunday by a passerby, slumped over the steering wheel of her car in the area of Concord Church and Barnwell roads in Allendale County, according to the State Law Enforcement Division. She had been shot. This is per the Post and Courier.

Planettransgender has more information on how local media are trying to pursue this story with law enforcement and her family.

Her death has not gone unnoticed by friends and family with tributes and outrage over her untimely death filling Facebook. Funeral arrangements are incomplete (note – the obituary deadnames LaDime.) There’s a hint in some posts that perhaps the person who killed was known to her and that information might be in her social media history. That must be damningly frustrating to her family and friends looking for any shred of information on how their 24-year-old loved one was found dead in a car in what appears to be a suspicious death.

LaDime’s Facebook feed is filled with the content you might expect from any 24-year-old young woman – back and forth banter with friends, commentary on social issues, lots of cute pics with Snapchat filters, updates on her plans with family and friends. And then it just ends almost as if she might log back on at any minute to share what she’s been up to these past few days.

Rest in power, LaDime. You were so clearly loved and valued by many people who will work collectively to see justice in your death. You deserved a life filled with everything you sought and so much magic. I’m so sorry and sorry that the investigation into your death is causing pain for your loved ones.

I will update this story as more information becomes available.

My list of transgender neighbors lost during the calendar year 2019.

  1. Dana Martin – Montgomery, Alabama. January 6, 2019. Age: 31.
  2. Ashanti Carmon – Fairmount Heights, Maryland. March 30, 2019. Age: 27
  3. Claire Legato – Cleveland. May 14, 2019. Age: 21
  4. Muhlaysia Booker – Dallas. May 18, 2019. Age 23.
  5. Michelle Simone Tameka Washington – Philadelphia, May 19, 2019. Age 40.
  6. Paris Cameron – Detroit, May 25, 2019. Age 20.
  7. Chynal Lindsey – Dallas, June 1, 2019. Age 26.
  8. Chanel Scurlock – Lumberton, North Carolina, June 5, 2029. Age 23.
  9. Jazzaline Ware – Memphis, Tennessee, March 2019. Age 34. **
  10. Zoe Spears – Fairmount Heights, Maryland. June 14, 2019. Age 23
  11. Brooklyn Lindsey – Kansas City, June 25, 2019. Age 32
  12. Denali Berries Stuckey – Charleston, July 20, 2019. Age 29
  13. Kiki Fantroy – Miami, July 31, 2019. Age 21
  14. Pebbles LaDime ‘Dime’ Doe – Allendale, South Carolina, August 4, 2019. Age 24

** Jazzaline Ware’s body was discovered in her apartment in Memphis, Tennessee in March. Cause of death was originally death by suicide, but according to The Advocate, authorities are now investigating her death as a homicide.

Rest in Power


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  • Fourteen *Black* Transgender women have been murdered. None were white.

    White Trans people need to admit we have privilege and need to stand up and be heard. Counting dead People of Colour as statistics while only worrying only about ourselves is part of the problem.

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