NFL discriminates against gay, HIV + former pro football player?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

  Was a former Giants lineman denied access to the Super Bowl media center, game and parties because he is gay and HIV positive? The NFL says his sexual orientation and health status have nothing to do with it.  Uh huh.   Simmons, who played for the Giants from 1979-81 and Redskins in 1983, disclosed that […]

Rene Portland – Gay Protest … AGAIN

Big Gay Picture has a little update on anti-Rene Portland protests at Penn State women's basketball games … Here's a quote from Rene Portland that sums up the entire situation (and she is oblivious to the irony) “Can we just talk about basketball? You guys have tried for six goddamn months, excuse my language,” Portland […]

Lynn Swann Fumbles on Gay Marriage Amendment

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

OK, disregard the trite football phrasology.. From our friends at Steel-City Stonewall Democrats, here's the skinny from social conservative Lynn Swann on gay marriage … Drum roll … while marriage is between a man and a woman, he does think private contracts should take care of us queers.   With no governmental protections.  Now for my […]

Penn State: we said it but we didn't REALLY mean to protect homos

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

In an expected (but pathetic) twist to the Penn State Lesbian Discrimination case, lawyers for anti-lesbian coach Rene Portland and the University argued that the non-discrimination policy was a non-binding contract. You expect this from Portland who obviously didn't bind herself by the policy.  Plus, she's also claiming that former player (and plaintiff) Jennifer Harris was […]

Steelers = Girly-Men in Gold? PG Fashion Editor Weighs In

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

In another stunning display of how desperate Pittsburgh media outlets are for any Steeler oriented story, the Post-Gazette's very own fashion editor LaMont Jones evaluates the “manliness” of the Steelers' gold pants. Apparently, the Steeler Nation is aghast at the thought that our hometown heros could be perceived as “girly men” in gold.  Their alternative?  […]

Does Joe Paterno also hate lesbians?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

I found this little tidbit while idly surfing the net (and not watching the State of the Union address) on Women's Hoops Blog  It would seem that our revered football coach has been a longtime defender of Portland's hate-policies.   Joe Pa, then and now the most beloved and powerful figure at the school, refused to […]

Penn State – Lesbian policy benefits Paterno

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Rene Portland, coach of the PSU Lady Lions basketball team, is coming under increasing fire for her “no lesbians” policy.  This from Minnesota, site of weekend anti-Rene protests …. NCLR lawyer Karen Doering calls Portland's discriminatory policy — “No drinking, no drugs, no lesbians,” the lawsuit terms it — the “worst-kept secret” in NCAA athletics. […]

Penn State: No Lesbians Policy?

Penn State Women's Basketball Coach Rene Portland is seeking to have a lawsuit alleging “lesbian baiting' dismissed.  Go here for the story at Here's what The Big Gay Picture has to say about the attempt of PSU to wiggle their way away from Portland … [T]hat didn't stop the school from publicly supporting her for […]

Do the Penguins have a gay agenda?

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

I have absolutely no thoughts on the retirement of Mario Lemieux.  Except for this weird recurring dream where I save his dog from a car accident and he gives me a really cheap tee-shirt in gratitude.  Whatever.  This is the closest thing I've got on the penguin gay agenda