More sports folks weigh in on Rene Portland's gay bashing

From Sunday's Post-Gazette, sports colunist Ron Cook calls for Rene Portland to be fired.

What in the world is the Penn State administration thinking by allowing Portland to stay on as coach after its half-year internal investigation determined she created a “hostile, intimidating and offensive environment” for at least one of her players whom she believed to be a lesbian?

Ron — Penn State is thinking they can get away with it.  They are thinking that the end justifies the means.  Portland wins games so who cares how she gets there?   Penn State is reinforcing the stereotype that athletics ALWAYS trumps well … anything.

You mean to tell me Ron, that not all sports fans are homophobic?  That not all sports fans think winning at any cost is acceptable?  That some sports folks actually respect diversity and believe that a healthy environment is important to the growth and development of college players? 

That Penn State is pandering to the worst stereotypes about athletes and sports fans?

Wait … there's more …..ESPN's Graham Hayes is disgusted with Penn State.

Portland is a homophobe.

And in this country, she has every right to be.

But that doesn't mean the citizens of Pennsylvania should be obligated to pay her to spread those views among current students or discriminate against prospective students at the state's land-grant university.

It's sad that Portland views the world through such myopic lenses; it's reprehensible that, knowing that, the school still wants her as its coach.

The folks over at Women's Hoops Blog have been doing an outstanding job covering the whole story.  Penn State students are planning to protest next week. 

On a disappointing note, Pittsburgh native Suzie McConnell-Serio can only muster up relief that Portland is remaining at Penn State …

“When it was all said and done, I was relieved she was going back to Penn State to be with those players,” said Suzie McConnell-Serio, a four-year starter for Portland in the late 1980s who coaches professionally. “I was relieved she could continue what she has started to keep the tradition going.”

McConnell-Serio is on the record of stating that homosexuality is a personal choice, but acknowledging that she'll support her player's personal choices.  (Minnesota Lynx player Michele Van Gorp was living an openly gay lifestyle). 

Well, Suzie, I guess you don't want to be TOO supportive.  After all, a 20 year tradition of lesbian baiting is an important value for young basketball players.



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