Rene Portland – Future Pennsylvania Legislator?

She just can't keep her mouth shut.  No matter that Penn State found her guilty of discimination on the basis of sexual orientation.  No matter that she got off with a little slap on the wrist. No matter that she still faces a huge lawsuit. 

Rene Portland continues to trumpet her innocence and has now officially attempted to retaliate against Jennifer Harris.  On Thursday, she issued a written statement disparaging Harris' contribution to the Lady Lions team. 

Harris lawyers point out that Portland had publicly lauded Harris' performance in 2004 and 2005.  They also state that the team statistics attest to Harris' contributions. 

Penn State has stated that if Portland violated the University's nondiscrimination policy again, she will be fired.  Harris' lawyers have filed a formal complaint with the University over the retaliation attempt. 

'Although coach Portland has a right to defend herself against Jennifer's allegations, the law and Penn State policy do not permit retaliation by making false and disparaging allegations,' Doering said.

Karen Doering is  the senior counsel for the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Will PSU take action?  Of course not.  I'm sure they will split hairs over what constitutes retaliation, adding fuel to Portland's slow but inevitable self-immolation. 

Don't worry Rene.  This is Pennsylvania so when you finally get yourself fired, you can get into politics and bring your homo-bigotry home to roost in the state legislature.


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