Rene Portland Article in PG — No Letters?

It has been one week since the Post-Gazette article on the Rene Portland debacle ran (Penn State's 'Mommy Coach' a bigot?)

Given that women's hoops are fairly popular around here, I expected  … well, something!  Between the lesbians, the parents of high school players, the Pitt b-ball fans, and those who actively support the criminalization of homosexuality, surely someone mustered enough umbrage to pick up a pen.

Only one person has done so and his name is Bill Earley of Merion Station, PA.  I have no idea where Merion Station is located, but it sounds like at least one resident has his head screwed on the right way.

Bill writes:

Her boorish behavior has grown bolder because university leadership offers no consequences for her actions. Nothing except another verbal warning and a note in her file.

Thanks for hitting the nail on the head, Bill.  Portland gets away with discrimination because Penn State lets her. 

I wonder if the local b-ball parents realize that remaining silent on this issue sends the right message to their daughters.

Who on earth would let their kid go play for this homo-bigot?  Only another homo-bigot, I'd assume.  And God knows we have plenty of those here in Pgh.


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