Post Gazette Applauds Penn State Stance on Rene Portland


The Post-Gazette Editors have spoken — (emphasis mine)

We applaud university President Graham Spanier for upping the penalty from the initially suggested and insultingly negligible one-game suspension to a $10,000 fine. Perhaps the punishment should have been more severe. Had she discriminated against a player on the basis of race or ethnicity, she'd likely be looking for a new job.

I never thought I'd see the day when ESPN was more in synch with my thoughts than the Post-Gazette.  Welcome to that day! 

What the hell are the PG editors implying … that the punishment fits the crime because it was just a little dyke bashing instead of a real case of discrimination? 

Penn State doesn't get a pass on this.  The University is making it very clear that there is a hierarchy of protection in their anti-discrimination policy.   Racial discimination is not tolerated.  Homophobia is okay if you are willing to pay $10,000. 

Portland violated the University's nondiscrimination policy.  There is no hierarchy (or there should NOT be) of protected classes within that policy.  Period.  She forced Jennifer Harris to go to school and play basketball in a hostile environment, eventually driving her out. 

Now the Post-Gazette has dropped the ball, too.  They didn't question Penn State's motivation for this wrist slapping maneuver. 

Pennsylvania's homosexuals are not second class citizens.  Bad enough our relationships are under assault from the right wingers, but now our young people are being denied an opportunity to pursue a higher education in a safe environment at the state land grant university.  That is unacceptable.

Shame on the Post-Gazette for bowing at the altar of anything goes athletics. 

When the hell is Tony Norman coming back? 


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  • Darling — the email address link to the President of Penn State should be included so that alumni can let him know their thoughts.
    His email is: ''

  • I'm just hopeful that other Penn State alumni will follow your lead and let them know how this resonates in their donation decisions.
    My PSU promoting items are tucked firmly in the closet.
    Go Pitt!

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