Anti-Rene Portland sentiment flares in Michigan

According to an online edition of Michigan's LGBTQ newsletter, a group of 300+ straight and gay women wore lavender shirts to the recent University of Michigan/Penn State women's basketball game.

Sunday's protest served as a triumphant moment for gay folks, especially considering the massive turnout. It showed that there are people in the state of Michigan (and nationwide) who will not stand for discrimination. The best part: Some of these people aren't even gay. They're just on our side. Now that, that's a victory.

Personally, I think the writer is hyperinflating the magnitude of the protest.  Penn State won't step up to the plate to handle Portland until 1) Jennifer Harris' case settles very unfavorably, 2) Portland overtly discriminates again or 3) Portland begins to lose.  Given that she just netted her 600th win, those prospects don't look too good.

Nonetheless, its good that the issue hasn't been lost amidst a million other concerns.  Portland is an arrogant nasty bigot.  But the greater shame rests on Penn State for allowing her to get away with it.


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  • I have something to say, I have no judgement on a persons sexual wants or their needs; it has no place in a College Program. I do have one problem with Rene's decision to state the obvious; it was a womans team there for she wanted them to appear with some feminity. I can see why Rene Wanted no sexual connections with her players and demanded no Homosexual activity among the team; it would be the perfect hunting ground for a predator. It could cause inner team problems and something a coach should not have to deal with. Ofcourse the Gay community will jump on anything that they say is against the Gay community or appears to be. Frankly why is it only the Gays have the rights and Straight people are put on the top shelf and out of the way. It may be time that Straight people should begin taking cases into courts and start a few Law suits of their own aimed at the Gay people for their discrimations.
    I think if you are so comfortable with your life style why are you always angry and take offense of words. I have always told my Gay friends to stop complaining and be who you are no one has the right to judge you if you are confortable with your life style it should be a private issue. I dislike it when I see any people straight or Gay; sucking face in public. Take it home or to a room leave it were it belongs in the privacy away from the general public. You can be Homosexual or Heterosexual without being pointed out for such lude actions. I or no one else has the right to judge another, but there should always be a line that should never be cross. When you invade my rights I should have the same considerations; only God has the right to Judge all things. So when the Homosexual community climbs on the band wagon just because it is there to climb on; doesn't make it right. God, knows the stupidity of mankind is slow to except anything different and it is hard for mankind to understand the whole concept of Love for the most of it. After all we still put more money into Warfare then education; now that's a backwards concept if I have ever seen one. So why doesn't the heterosexual or Homosexual community put their efforts into making all education Free to the World not just the people of the U.S. One smart bomb = one thousand smart Young People. I have little reguard for people trying to capitalize for profit, because someone thinks a little different. I say get to where they are and you make your rules, if I don't like it I can go somewhere else and the same goes for you; pretty easy isn't it.

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