Rene Portland – What the Local Media Has Been Saying

You know Rene Portland is not my favorite person.  She is found guilty of discriminating against lesbians (or perceived lesbians) and Penn State gives her a little slap on the wrist. 

As the Trib reports, Penn State is clearly responsible for “creating Rene Portland and allowing her to get away with this” per Jennifer Harris attorney. 

What's amazing (or maybe just depressing) is that parent's of female basketball players don't find this in the least bit disturbing. 

Norma O'Rourke, mother of freshman point guard Brianne O'Rourke, said she and her daughter are happy Portland is returning.

“I feel bad that this disrupted the team,” Norma O'Rourke said. “It is a shame what (Portland) went through. I am glad she is still here. She has the support of so many people.”

And recruits from Pgh?  Well, they intend to head right into the vipers den …

This is the best example of head-in-the-sand thinking …

Oakland Catholic junior guard Erica Prosser's father Craig said he would have no problem with his daughter attending Penn State. Erica said she feels the same way.

“Most of what I have heard is all good about her,” Prosser said. “My family and I would have no problem with going there. I have talked to (Penn State freshman guard) Brianne O'Rourke, not specifically about Jen, but she said things are going well.”

And from the Post-Gazette, a voice of reason from B.J. Searcy of Monessen …

I pray that some of that compassion be directed toward the women whose young adult lives were painfully disrupted by the discrimination and humiliation they experienced at her the hands of Portland.

That's right BJ.  Rene Portland's homophobia has HURT young women for over 20 years.  Creating a hostile environment hurts the entire team both those who fall into the undesired category and those who are taught to shun and disdain them. 

Rene Portland's game record may be admirable, but her legacy is one of fear and intolerance.  Is that really the best environment for these promising young athletes? 



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