West VA Sheriff Refused CPR, Gay Man Dies, Civil Rights Case Moves Forward

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Back in March, we reported on the West Virigina Sheriff who denied CPR to a dying gay man under the pretext that the man was HIV+.  The man, Claude Greene, died later that evening at a local hospital.  Greene's friend was present at the scene but was physically prevented from performing CPR by Robert K. […]

A Cool School Chick – Heather Arnet Backed for School Board

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Kudos to the District 2 School Board Coalition for endorsing Heather Arnet to run for the school board seat being vacated by Highland Park resident Patrick Dowd.   Arnet, also a Highland Park resident, is the Executive Director of the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  The Correspondents (and the Lesbians) are long-time fans of […]

Massachusetts Lawmakers Keep Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Alive

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Lawmakers in Massachusetts are in the midst of a Constitutional Convention and a vote today paved the way for a constitutional amendment barring gay marriage to move forward.  To make it onto the ballot, the amendment must pass in another legislative session. You might recall the Massachusetts is the only state in which gay marriage […]

The search for weapons of heterosexual destruction — Mary Cheney’s baby garners yet another opinion piece

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The PG ran an interesting commentary by Slate's William Saletan who contemplates the oft-cited but never actually proven claim that homosexuals are not fit parents. The 30-year search for proof that gay parents are destructive looks a lot like the hunt for WMD. Saletan uses the conception and pregnancy of Mary Cheney to illustrate his […]

Howard Dean Loves the Homos and the 700 Club

DNC Chairman Howard Dean was in town this weekend to address the annual convention of the National Stonewall Democrats aka “gay Democrats.”  Dean told the assembled faithful that Stonewall has made the party “stronger, more inclusive, more courageous, more tenacious.” (PG) Mr. Dean said DNC operatives had been instructed to work with the gay community […]

Santorum Willing to Treat Homos “Nicely”

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

In an appearance on yet another right wingnut talk program, Ricky Sanctimonious played his oh-so-tired homo card.  Again. This time he was on Janet Parshall's America (I wish I had my own America), a nationally syndicated talk radio program. I picked this up from the Raw Story.  Read what Ricky has to say this time […]

Trib Column: Conservative Says Marriage Amendment is a Bad Idea

I missed this, but on Thursday the Trib published a column by Jim Powell, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute (limited government, free markets, etc).  Powell explains how federal regulation of marriage proved to be a bad conservative idea back in the days of Theodore Roosevelt.  Polygamous families were producing more children than monogamous families […]

McIntire Tackles Gay Marriage Amendment: “Its Unconstitutionable”

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

While he deftly minces closer to his own heterosexual-style wedding to the lovely and talented Roberta, our good friend and lesbian-lover John McIntire gave gay marriage a big old shout out in his local blog, MacYapper.com.  In spite of his fondness for large-fonted bold-faced type (I always wondered what his type was), McIntire adroitly dissects […]

PG Reader Asks Bob Casey to Step Up

Edith Bell of Highland Park has got it right: Mr. Casey is also correct that Pennsylvanians' concerns are health care, the war in Iraq and a living wage, not gay marriage or abortion rights. Yet both our federal and state legislative bodies are compelled to whip Americans into a puritanical frenzy over anti-gay marriage amendments.  […]

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Will Support Gay Marriage

   From the New York Daily News.  Mayor Bloomberg landed another left on the right yesterday, coming out strongly in favor of gay marriage – and vowing the city will perform same-sex wedding ceremonies, if allowed. The Republican mayor used his weekly Sunday radio address on Memorial Day weekend to say he is “firmly opposed” […]