Reason #117 I Need a U-Haul

In today's PG, Rich Lord takes a peek at the politics behind street paving.  It don't look good for many of self-enamored local favorites like Darlene Harris and her merry band of self-defined pavement analysts. 

But here's the doozy. 

“I would argue that it's not political. I haven't seen the paving list yet,” said Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. “Council members obviously lobby me for streets, and they obviously lobby others for streets as well. … That, as far as I see it, will never change.”

Does he have the capacity to think about these statements before they fall out of his mouth or do they just sort of slip out?  In what reality does council members lobbying the Mayor and others for street paving not equal politics?  Maybe the land where you can blow off your residents to party with Sienna Miller at a movie festival.  But given that I drive all over the city to go to work, buy groceries, go to restaurants, visit my 91 year old grandmother — I'd like to think that the majority of our roads are in decent shape.  Not that since my ward woman lives on my street (and has for 53 years) our street is pristine. 

However, it is good to see Luke officially confirm that he has no intention of changing the politics as usual practices of City Hall.  At least we know.  Pay attention people because you are on Yarone.


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