Reg Henry Locked in Sordid Affair with Ann Coulter’s Male Alter-Ego?

OK, maybe it has just been a long day in the trenches.  Because I can't understand Reg Henry's latest column.  In what I think is meant to be irony, he positions her “babe” status against her man qualities — being a hateful jerk.

I have a question. How is it that Ann Coulter is so belligerent and testosterone-laden? I know, I know, this isn't the 19th century, and women don't sit around stirring teacups with silver spoons. Still, she is the toughest guy in the conservative camp, a brawling longshoreman in a miniskirt.

That is why I suspect that she is really a cross-dressing man. She is certainly cross, and men are the more notorious gender for behaving badly. Do I know this for certain? Of course not. I am not married to her — hurrah for me and all of us who are not! — and have not done the necessary research.

Ah, Reg, labeling Ann Coulter a cross-dresser because of her faggot comment.  Sigh.

Now Reg is clearly a smart guy and gets the appeal of Ann Coulter to the wingnuts.

No wonder the lovely Ms. Coulter unleashed a bit of her trademark venom to cheer up the boys despairing there in the VIP seats.

This is what she does. This is why she was invited to that forum. This is why she is the toast of conservatives. She speaks the vile things that many believe but dare not speak. Oh, and she's as subtle as a train wreck, which they really like in a person.

There you have it.


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  • This is of course offensive. A lot of woman who do not agree with Ann's politics and otherwise do find her offensive actually admire it that she is smart, combative and not afraid to rattle people–and in that sense I have to admit it is a good thing–though I hate to use Ann Coutler as any kind of role model.
    On this Ann Coulter is a lesbian thing. The other day I ran into a blog by another wise nice urbane guy–and he was saying (humorsly) that Ann was a lesbian because she had not feminine qualities.
    This gave me an opportunity to do one of my favorite project–seek out and post pics of hot lesbian/bi women. I did and made the comment perhaps Ann wasn't hot enough to be a lesbian.
    I do a lot of that sort of thing on my blog–to try and change cultural perceptions. And some real redneck Dumb Young White Guys are very receptive.

  • Well, although I'm pretty far from a redneck, I just purchased Season II of Xena, and your blog just made my favorites folder.
    I kind of wonder whether using the word “faggot” as a synonym simply for “wimpy guy with an irritating singson voice” is a ship that has sailed. As I am not in favor of taboos in language, may I recommend turning the word “straight” into some kind of dirty word, or upping the ante on “breeder.”

  • I can claim the distinction of being removed from a local blogroll for using the term “breeder” by an individual who decided to take their toys and go home when I wouldn't play nice. I don't always play nice with the white straight guys. 🙁

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