Post-Gazette and Faggots

I missed this letter to the editor from Keith Kondrich of Swisshelm Park (the most Euro sounding neighborhood in Pittsburgh).  Keith took exception with the supporters of Ann Coulter:

That harmless little racial joke, that innocent sexual stereotype, that silly political epithet slowly numb us until discrimination, harassment and violence become commonplace, indeed socially acceptable.

One need only open up any American history textbook to be reminded of how the illness of indifference has had horrific consequences for countless individuals.

One need only spend the day paying attention to all the harmless jokes and stereotypical comments to realize how widespread it can be.  My hair stylist and her colleague had a large discussion about the homophobic implications of the comment “That's so gay.”  I don't want to go to a gay owned salon and hear someone say “That's so gay.” It is offensive to me and its exactly the subtle kind of humor that reinforces homosexuals as a less desirable group of people. 

The PG also heard from Jack Kelly on the faggot issue this week.  While not a fan of Ms. Coulter, Jack seems more preoccupied with urging cons to avoid sinking to the depths of the left rather than any critical analysis of homophobia.  Big surprise.  Let's see how our weekly Kelly deconstructionists David at 2 Political Junkies and Bram  at Pgh Comet weigh in on this column.


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  • Late tonight or tomorrow.
    Eric Cartman is the only real of fictional character for whom “that is so gay” is funny. Is hysterical, in fact. On anybody else, “that is so gay” is a grating, disappointing thud.

  • The sociopathic fat kid on South Park. Which is an animated television program on the Comedy Central network, which was made into an Oscar-winning movie.

  • So, I obviously copped out on the Kelly deconstruction. But to speak to your issues. “A critical analysis of homophobia?” That's kind of hard to do.
    IMHO, there's no earthly reason to dislike homosexuals or homosexuality, but how the hell do you demand the same of others? I'll go to round 15 to defend equal rights, but if Jack & Anne don't like gays, I'm at a complete loss, and frankly I'm a bit uninterested.
    And BTW, I've always had a problem with the word “homophobic.” I think its a politically loaded word that does not accurately describe what's going on, and it sounds awful condescedning to everybody who hasn't really come down on the issue yet. What if I start saying “anti-homo?”
    I realize I'll probably never reach that elite John McIntire sphere, anymore. 🙂

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