I’m really pissed at Bill Peduto

Lots of speculation tonight on Bill Peduto's decision to pull out of the mayoral primary race.  Pgh Comet and the Admiral are just a few speculating that Peduto has a master plan to run as an Independent, couldn't raise enough money, or really did refuse to go negative. I've talked briefly with both Political Junkies tonight.  My buddy Jim F called to assess.  And I've been IMing an assortment of friends all evening. 

Right now I don't care what the reason is … I'm just pissed off at Bill Peduto.  This is yet another nail in the coffin of Pittsburgh's leadership letting me down and I'm really sick of it. 

I am sick of being spoon-fed promises, sick of solutions that don't materialize and sick of living in a City where its always about the rich white guy. ALWAYS

And i'm talking small things.

A year ago, I witnessed illegal dumping in my community.  I called 911 with a complete description, including license plate.  The police let him go and it took another 10 calls on my part to the company, the property owner, the city and, finally, the Post-Gazette to get anything done about it.

Two years ago, I tried to get a neighbor to maintain their property.  That neighbor was PennDOT.  It took countless calls to O'Connor's office, Senator Wayne Fontana's office, the city, the county, not to mention PennDot to get anything to happen.  Then they bulldozed the site and sprayed noxious chemicals in a residential community so nothing would ever grow again.  Problem solved. 

For the past six months, I've tried to get help with the trouble a certain young man has brought into our neighborhood.  I've called 311, 911, the Manchester Citizens Corporation, One Vision One Life, our community police officer and talked with countless neighbors.  What I get in return are empty promises.  I've done all the legwork digging up information that no one will use.  Because there's no body.  Yet.  Maybe when I report that a 13 year old girl has been tossed out on the sidewalk someone will actually return my calls.  Isn't that something to look forward to?

Its this vicious cycle — the big kahunas tell us to be active and call things in, but give us no action in response. 

Then last week Bill Peduto came to my street and I asked him these questions.  He gave me concrete answers about solving the problems rather than just platitudes designed to shut me up.  It seemed for the first time like someone actually heard about some of the day to day quality of life issues of life in the city.   And he had good stuff to say about much larger issues. Like rehabbing the abandoned properties on our street.  Creating jobs and opportunities. 

He got my hopes up and for that I'm not sure I can forgive him.  I'm not sure how long I can tolerate living in this city  — how much room for homos can there be in a city that's embracing yet another social conservative? 

I don't want to hear about the independent vote strategy and all that crap.  I just want to know when someone — elected officials, the police, Richard Garland, Senator Fontana — when someone will stop dashing our hopes and just do something to make it better.


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