Homo Lovers, Homo Haters Issue Press Releases on Gay Marriage

Here's the latest from our friend Dan Frankel ………  “This amendment would put at risk vital legal protections for thousandsof unmarried same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Pennsylvania,including many senior citizens. Rushing this amendment through wouldjeopardize their inheritance rights and their rights to make medicaldecisions for each other.” And our homohating foe Darryl Metcalfe (shown with […]

Update on Marriage Amendment

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

From the Value All Families Coalition: The amendment is still active. So far, there has been a motion totable the amendment for two weeks so there could be a public hearingon the amendment. We LOST this motion on a tie vote, 14-14. Thecommittee has now recessed so that the legislators can go intosession. The committee […]

Why Does Jane Orie Hate Gay People?

State Senator Jane Orie is putting her time and energy behind persecuting homosexuals (and the 250,000 unmarried heterosexual couples in Pennsylvania).   (412) 630-9466 Western PA Senate sponsors of  Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania, providing for marriage. State Senator Bob Regola – District 39  Greensburg      724-600-7002 State Senator Don […]

PA Legislators Vote on Gay Marriage Amendment on 3/15/2006

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Take Action! On March 15th, the Pennsylvania House of Representative's State Government Committee will be voting on HB 2381, the anti-LGBT, anti-family constitutional amendment that would prohibit recognition of same-sex marriage and all unmarried relationships in the Commonwealth. We need your help to stop anti-LGBT activists from writing discrimination into the Pennsylvania Constitution. Pennsylvania state […]

Gay Rights Rally Tuesday March 14 in Harrisburg

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

From the Center for Lesbian & Gay Civil Rights                 The Value All Families Coalition is sponsoring buses from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley for the March 14th Anti-Amendment rally in Harrisburg. If you are interested in taking a bus from: Philadelphia contact the Center at 215-731-1447 […]

West Virginia Sheriff Refused to use CPR; Gay Man Dies Suit Alleges

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Didn't we leave this behind in the 20th Century?  According to a federal discrimination suit filed yesterday,  Welch West Virginia Sheriff Robert K. Bowman physically prevented a bystander from performing CPR on Claude Green, Jr. who was suffering a heart atack.  Green died at the hospital. Sheriff Bowman acted because he thought Green was HIV positive.  […]

Casey – "I'll fight [LGBT] Discrimination"

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Our own Bob Casey told a crowd of 600 attending a HRC gala event that he will fight discrimination against gays.  Unlike Senatorum and his loyal spokesfag Robert Traynham.  ''I think it's time we had a senator who wasn't pushing a narrow, intolerant ideology that says 'I'm right, you're wrong … and you don't know […]

Lynn Swann Fumbles on Gay Marriage Amendment

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

OK, disregard the trite football phrasology.. From our friends at Steel-City Stonewall Democrats, here's the skinny from social conservative Lynn Swann on gay marriage … Drum roll … while marriage is between a man and a woman, he does think private contracts should take care of us queers.   With no governmental protections.  Now for my […]

DNC: Don't talk about the Homos and Maybe They'll Go Away

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The DNC's Annual Grassroots Report was released last week.  Not a single mention of the LGBTQ community.  Nada.  Howard Dean eliminates the gay outreach post, then wonders why people are upset …. and now this …. So what's happening in the Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh LGBT democratic wing ….You tell me.  Here's what BlogActive and LGBT political activist […]

LGBT activists "call out" Stonewall response to DNC

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

 From Blogactive.com Not to stand silently by as the party trashes gays and lesbians, Stonewall Democrats have issued a statement about Howard Dean's insensitivity to the gay and lesbian community and condemning his actions totally kissing Howard Dean's ass: From keithboykin.com the DNC eliminated the GLBT outreach office but is keeping the GLBT fundraising office. […]