Dyke Poets and Fag Hags – this week’s City Paper

Our favorite editor over at the CP sticks his toes into the muck that is Ann Coulter's latest brouhaha.  As we mentioned earlier, the Pitt College Republicans have invited Annie to town for a talk on April 1, 2007.  While none of the College Republicans responded to his Potter's request for an interview, he does dig up some interesting facts about $$$.

The price for Ann begins at $20,000.  How the heck can the College Republican's come up with that kind of dough?  Even at a significant discount, you have to wonder …

Yes, the protestors are ready to make an appearance both inside and outside the event.  That information comes from my assorted queer mailing lists, not the Potter column.

However, I have to make note that the obliviousness so rampant among Pittsburghers seems to have found a new low in the capable arms of Terry Milani, a Pitt student life administrator. 

Still, Milani says, “I don't expect [her appearance] to be contentious. I would expect that, for whatever reason, people would be interested in what she had to say.”

Huh.   Maybe she's in charge of the part of student-life that doesn't involve reading the paper or watching news.  The girl part. 

Speaking of girl parts, I was thrilled to see one of my favorite performers featured in this week's edition.  Her name is Colelea and she's someone we've blogged about numerous times in the past.  One thing I like about Colea is that she just doesn't dismiss and turn her back on the mainstream gay community, she doesn't write us all off. 

You marched in last year's PrideFest Parade and said it was about lesbians taking space of their own. What role do gay men play in supporting your agenda?

Gay men have more of a vested interest in capitalism and patriarchy. We do have a lot of oppression in common, but we do have separate issues that are valid. I identify with queer politics and call myself a dyke. I think there have to be separate organizations, not that we don't share the same issues. … I'm certainly what you'd call a radical feminist. I certainly don't represent the interests of all lesbians.



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