Cat’s Call: PG Advice Columnist Jettisons Carrie Bradshaw Approach – Meow!

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The Correspondents are happy to report that the advice business over at the Post-Gazette has slowly improved. Fear not, they haven't kicked off the “Just Ask Reg” column much to the dismay of middle age white guys throughout the city. We understand that Mayor Opie had floated the idea of a nifty “Do What Dennis Says” daily column […]

Ravenstahl “There’s more than one reason to handcuff a man”

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Now that Main Stream Media (MSM) has sunk its teeth into this little tale of a man and his handcuffs, the gay drama just escalates.  This is like Queer Eye meets Cops. WPXI airs previous interview where Ravenstahl plays word games to essentially deny being handcuffed.  If he didn't actually lie about it, he omitted […]

Is Pittsburgh a Gay Tourist Mecca? Post-Gazette Readers Chime In

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Earlier in the week, our beloved Post-Gazette took a half-hearted look at Pittsburgh's potential as a gay tourist destination (or not).  Someone beyond your faithful correspondents noticed and took the time to share their perspective with the PG readership. First, we have the “tolerant” homophobe who believes in live and let live as long as […]

Lesbians on the Prowl for John McIntire

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Per today's post at his Macyapper blog, it appears John is back in town and rarin' to go.  Word on the street — okay, in yesterday's Post-Gazette which is practically the same thing minus the labor tension and stale donuts — is that John may soon pop up on a local FM talk station.  Namely, […]

Why Pittsburgh Libraries Rock er, Tango ?

The Post-Gazette's Big Kahuna himself , David Shribman, dedicated his weekly column to a subject near and dear to our hearts – public libraries.  It seems some libraries are contemplating replacing underutilized classics with modern hot properties to conserve shelf space.  Ick!  Shribman correctly points out the damage this move can cause: Some of the slow-moving […]

Is Catherine Specter Inching Toward Feminism?

This morning, I flipped to the “Just Ask Cat” segment in the PG and almost spilled my coffee.  No, she still has the rich girl slumming as hipster yinzerette photo up.  Its way more interesting than that. And you know how much I look forward to reading Cat's insipid advice each week.  Cat stood up […]

Up To Bat – Tony Norman

I woke up with one of those sinus headaches slightly reminiscent of a hangover without the fun memories.  Another crappy Friday to muddle through. I'm scrolling through the online edition of the Post-Gazette and I stumble into the return of my all-time favorite columnist – Mr. Tony Norman.  PLUS, he even makes a gay joke about […]

Political Junkie Calls Out Mike Pintek as Homophobe

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

HOMO? One of Pittsburgh's most creative political bloggers put up a nugget this morning about former KDKA talk radio personality Mike Pintek using the word “homo” while hosting a program on PCNC.  Pintek was discussing the use of South Park restrooms for sexual encounters among gay men.  According to Maria: Mike Pintek was the host […]

Allegheny County Police Continue to Target Gay Men

From Saturday's Post-Gazette comes word that the Allegheny County Police successfully prevented five gay men from having sex.  Or at least they successfully punished five men for having sex by arresting them.  Or somewhere in between. As we reported last week, these intrepid cops have been monitoring a men's bathroom on Corrigan Drive (the park's main drag […]

African-American Lesbian Blogger sets the bar high for gay blogs

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Pam's House Blend is one of my daily absolute must-reads.  Her take on all things anti-gay, anti-black and anti-woman is smart, insightful and devastating.  I've borrowed her phrase “wingnuts” here and linked to her site more frequently that just about any other except the Post-Gazette.  The Washington Blade offers up a feisty look at what makes […]