Stuff I wonder about …

Just some random questions I have …

1. Why can't you recycle caps from plastic bottles?  No one from the recycling world has been able to answer this question.

2.  Do thongs/shoes with a little thing between the big and second toe hurt all women's feet? While at the Waterfront this afternoon, I noticed that many women slid the shoes off when they were standing still or sitting down, but just far enough to free up the toes from that little wedge of pain.  I only have one pair of shoes like this and the wedge of pain is covered in soft cotten.  I wear them to scoop the yard and pick up the paper when its not on the stoop.

3.  Speaking of recycling, why only plastic types 1-5?  What's so hard about recycling a 6?  6 is what the little sauce cups from restaurants are made from.

4.  Still speaking about recycling, why don't all of the Giant Eagle stores provide blue bags?  And why are Glad giant blue recycling bags NOT made from recycled materials?

5.  We are remodeling.  Exactly how many different types of toilets can there be in the world?

6.  What's the deal with the flower people on the street corners? 

It is really the recycling and the thong issues that bother me.  I should sign off and put my attention to something useful such as the laundry.


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  • About the Giant Eagle Bags, I wondered the same thing, turns out ( of course it is about money) the blue bags cost more than the white ones.

  • well , my guess is……… those who have children can drag them around for their children when they are out begging for candy before they egg your house 🙂 that makes more sense doesn't it? 🙂

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