How I made recycling just a little bit easier

Again, nothing to do with the gay.  Still, I think it is interesting.

I'm bringing in the PA Resources Council to give a presentation to my consumers and during our planning chats, I told them that I had several recycling questions which I was invited to submit.  More on that in another post somewhere down the road.

ANYWAY, I'm dwadling over the list during my lunch and can't get past “Why aren't there any large blue bags for recycling made out of recycled materials?”  The only large bags we can find are Hefty newish bags which seems completely ridiculous to use for recycling.  Rather than wait for an answer, I called the Co-op.  They have large trash bags made from recycled materials that are biodegradable, but they are not blue. Hmmm.  So I suggested they investigate blue bags.  Then I called Whole Foods.  Whole Foods also has biodegradable recycled bags that are also not blue.  However, the Whole Foods guy told me — no one ever told me this before — that I can tie a blue bag around the neck of the large bag which holds my recycling.  I did not know that.  It still seems like a waste of a bag.

Then, I asked him if blue bags were available.  He told me that he's going to ask his manager about it b/c he gets multiple calls EVERY WEEK about this very issue.

So I am on the cutting edge of recycling innovation.  Yeah, baby.  I made two phone calls and got results.  Well, I got two people to tell me that they might possibly consider taking action on something I suggested, but whatever.  It made lunch so much more interesting than leftover Chicken Tikka Masala alone.  Even with jasmine rice and string cheese.

Anyway, pick up the phone and ask your recycling questions.  Get those answers.  Be the change. 



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