Lesbians Dirtier Than Political Junkies, Comets, and Carbolic Smoke Balls — Rivaled only by MacYapper

Gay is a bad word.  This I discovered after Maria pointed out that her blog was rated R for adult content.  So I just had to see where the lesbians ranked.  And guess what?


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This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • gay (24x)
  • lesbian (12x)
  • queer (2x)
  • bomb (1x)

What's up with that?  They missed all the really creative bad words I've used.  Like spokesfag, one of my all-time personal favorites.

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However, this is still a more risque site than just about any other blog in the Burghosphere, except for MacYapper.  That or the other sites aren't talking about gays and lesbians often enough to warrant an adult rating.  Hmmm?


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  • I thought it odd that my blog earned a PG-13 rating not for my repeated use of the word fuck and asshat but instead got flagged for using crap.
    So, I made a page that I could test a few things with. I started with the FCC's Seven Words You Can't Say on TV; shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. That earned my site only a PG rating because of the word cocksucker. I removed it, tried again, and was this time given a PG rating for having the word cunt.
    This shows me that their program doesn't show you all the reasons it rates your site the way it does, just a few.
    Getting rid of a few more and I finally earned a G rating with only the words shit, piss, motherfucker and tits. This shows up some very serious flaws in their rating system.
    It has me thinking about how graphic or depraved one could make a posting while still earning a G rating because you don't use the flagged words in their limited list.

  • I was about to comment on how ridiculous it was to consider your blog porn because of the word “lesbians” and the such, but then we read the above comment and were like, huh? This shows that the program is total crap.
    Still, we're happy with our G rating.

  • I got an NC-17 and I embrace it (even though the criteria is silly and I see it as just for fun):
    * gay (22x)
    * bomb (7x)
    * sexy (4x)
    * porn (3x)
    * masochist (2x)
    * queers (1x)
    I don't like kids anyway, and I don't want them reading my blog! 🙂

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