What Would a Million Dollars Worth of Tampons Look Like?

The Prompt: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money? This is not a big challenge. 1. I’d pay off my outstanding debts – I guess I’d have to use online banking. Hmmm.I wonder if there’s a contingency for paying […]

Do You Eat the Toast?

The prompt: In your experience in life, does bread always fall on the buttered side? Here’s a “scientific” explanation of why toast falls butter side down. So this is really about perspective – do crappy things always happen or happen most of the time? But I ask – is the floor clean? And is there […]

Go Beyond

Catching fire Arena Map

The Prompt: Confucius said, “To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short.” Do you agree? Setting aside my previous discourse on quotes without context, I’m going to give this a good faith try. I’m reminded of doing the long jump in high school track – you need to hit your mark. Or playing […]

The Artist Bitch Brings BEACH to Pgh for One Night Only

Friday evening, Pittsburgh native Karen Mould known professionally as Bitch will perform one show only at Club Cafe, fronting her new concept BEACH. You can buy tickets for the 7 PM performance of her show (doors at 6) online. When Opus One Productions first hinted that Bitch was bringing a new concept to Pittsburgh, I […]

Being ‘out’ in hostile places

(Update from Trish: I’ve received permission from my friend to share her story. I should have asked in the first place, but my thought process sometimes is like a bunch of suitcases falling down the stairs!) — As LGBTQ people, do we have any moral obligation to be out in places that are hostile to […]

Who Do Our Allies Really Welcome to the Table?

Tonight, I have no tact, I’m paranoid and I don’t understand how collaboration works. So the gatekeeper decides that I do not get access to my elected official unless I explain myself to him first. This is why I hate that so many elected officials have gmail accounts that are screened by staff anyway. What’s […]

Fall Ahead?

The Prompt: Do you prefer to spring forward or fall back? I love sleep, but I loathe disruptions to seasons, times, days, etc. Falling back is fun in the sense of getting one extra hour, but I’m usually awake because its “time to be awake” and spend that extra time on Facebook. Or something. Anyone with […]

Resources for Winter Months

Holiday gifts for free

Because I cover so many human service and social service agency topics, I receive a lot of “hits” from people searching for supports. I’m a little surprised how eary they are starting for the winter/holiday season and a lot sad about that. If you have email, it is a really good idea to get on […]

Malcolm X and Blogher

The Prompt: Malcolm X said, “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” Discuss. My first thought was that as a middle class white woman, I needed to get more context on this quote before wading in. I did read Malcolm X in college so I had a sense that this quote wouldn’t be […]

I’ve Got a Brontosaurus

Well, this explains the perpetual funk I’ve been in for days … I’ve got a good old-fashioned case of bronchitis. Just came home from MedExpress where not only did I get diagnosed but I was politely required to take a breathing treatment, then wait 30 minutes to drive. Wow. Fortunately, I’ve had a pneumonia shot […]