Fall Ahead?

The Prompt: Do you prefer to spring forward or fall back?

I love sleep, but I loathe disruptions to seasons, times, days, etc. Falling back is fun in the sense of getting one extra hour, but I’m usually awake because its “time to be awake” and spend that extra time on Facebook. Or something.

Anyone with a mood disorder will tell you – why can’t we just keep the time the same? It is so hard to tell your inner clock to ignore that man controlling the sunrise and sunset behind that purple curtain, it’s all good. Except it feels wrong for a few weeks. Throw in some crazy climate change weather aberrations and its a hot mess.

The furnace guy was here yesterday and we chatted a bit about the weather. I made the mistake of mentioning climate change and he was like “there’s no such thing, ma”am” – I said “well, the climate has changed here in Pittsburgh from the 1970’s to today, so I disagree with you.” And then he said “well I just don’t believe in it.” That was the extent of our conversation, but I have no idea what he was getting at – does he not believe what he experiences to be happening so he’s able to simply deny it? I would LOVE that.

I like the cover of darkness in the winter – I feel safe and cozy. So even though I’m very confused about what the actual time of day is, I’m okay with that.  Springing forward is more jarring because I lose my precious nighttime hours. I mean, I still go to sleep at 10:30 so it doesn’t translate into some rocking nightlife.

If I can go through one of these transitions at at time, I’m fine. It’s when I’m falling back and its 70 that I get a little freaked out. Doesn’t that freak anyone else out? Same feeling I get when I see people not recycling. Kind of a twitchy feeling. Or when people tell me that they don’t believe in medicating children. Because all of these things may be personal decisions, but have a huge impact on the rest of us.


A final note – I wish there was an easy way to remember when its Standard Time and when Daylight Savings Time. I know its about more daylight for farmers and more nighttime for the electric company right?

I feel that I am failing NaBloPoMo as a way to get my writing groove back. 🙁

I need a jolt.





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