I’ve Got a Brontosaurus

Well, this explains the perpetual funk I’ve been in for days … I’ve got a good old-fashioned case of bronchitis. Just came home from MedExpress where not only did I get diagnosed but I was politely required to take a breathing treatment, then wait 30 minutes to drive. Wow.


Fortunately, I’ve had a pneumonia shot so I should basically get better. Eventually.

Listen to your body, dear readers. My chest was hurting but I wrote it off as anxiety. Then apparently when our new furnace spewed a million force of dust particles into the air, my lymph nodes went insane and I was like “WTF happened to my neck?” and off to MedExpress.

Who decided that an oral dose of prednisone would be *improved* with black cherry flavoring? OMG, so disgusting. Then shove a plastic wand spewing albuterol into my mouth and you’ve got the making of misery.

Yes, indeed that was me taking selfies during an interminably long breathing treatment. I’m the poster girl for MedExpress.

The sad thing is this delays my flu shot even further. Plus, as I anticipated, my other doc said “NO” to the cough syrup after I had already taken it reflexively so I woke up at 3 AM and lay there wondering how long I could go without coughing … 17 minutes. I read some things on my phone (under the covers) and realized how eerily quiet the new furnace is. I guess that was useful info – a middle of the night test?

So fluids, water, rest … anything but more black cherry prednisone. Ick.

PS: for what it’s worth, MedExpress told me that if you pay with a card, they require you to keep it on file with a $100 “hold” to cover expenses not covered by (in my case) Highmark. I was of course coughing when she told me this, but stopped to say “what?” – this used to be optional. My option was to leave and get cash for my payment to avoid triggering this mechanism or cough it up (hey!) – she swore they call before they charge I also noticed MedExpress only accepts one form of Medicare. That sucks, too. And they never took my temperature. So MedExpress is losing its glossy shine for me since I had a good ER experience recently. But all things considering – it’s good to know they are there when you’ve suddenly acquired a brontosaurus.


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