Do You Eat the Toast?

The prompt: In your experience in life, does bread always fall on the buttered side?

Here’s a “scientific” explanation of why toast falls butter side down.

So this is really about perspective – do crappy things always happen or happen most of the time?

But I ask – is the floor clean? And is there a dog? Because then I just give the dog the toast (or bread) and make another piece. It isn’t really an optimistic or pessimistic attitude. If I feel petulant, I sulk and go hungry until I acquiesce and try another approach. If I feel okay, I shrug and just make another piece. Or eat something else.

The issue of attitude is about where we are focused in the moment. If I spend my time worrying about the toast potentially falling, of course something unpleasant will happen – my coffee will get cold. If I spend my time thinking about all my previous experiences with toast, I’ll never get the coffee made. If I spend my time making some toast and coffee and then locate myself somewhere I’m likely to avoid tossing any of it onto the ground, I’m in good shape. And probably not hungry or caffeine deprived.

Food falls. I’m reminded of when I started dating Ledcat  – she cooked dinner for me at her (now our) house and something fell off my plate onto the floor. I left it there and she was APPALLED. What I forgot is that my floor cleaners (aka dogs) were not at her house and cats don’t typically scarf up spillage. She had never had a dog so she wasn’t use to that approach. It wasn’t so much my failure to be a good guest as my feeling comfortable in her home. Fast forward ten years and I catch her all of the time saying “Here Xander, eat this get it pick it up …”

Photo: CNN
Photo: CNN


The question to me – do you pick up the toast and eat it?


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