Post Gazette Applauds Penn State Stance on Rene Portland

  The Post-Gazette Editors have spoken — (emphasis mine) We applaud university President Graham Spanier for upping the penalty from the initially suggested and insultingly negligible one-game suspension to a $10,000 fine. Perhaps the punishment should have been more severe. Had she discriminated against a player on the basis of race or ethnicity, she'd likely […]

More on Nigerian Gay Hate Bill

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

From Black Looks and Feministing comes this update on the Nigerian legislation criminalizing homosexuality (you'll recall the PG op-ed discussion on this issue). The Nigerian homosexuality bill, the “Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, 2006” which was presented to the House on the 31st March has now had its first reading in the Senate. A report […]

Do local politicans read the Post-Gazette?

By my count, the Post-Gazette has published 11 letters to the editor on the topic of the anti-gay marriage amendment making its way through the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  Prior to these letters, the PG featured two op-ed pieces on the same topic.  The pro-amendment position came from sponsor, Darryl Metcalfe.  The anti-amendment position came from […]

Tribune Review – Metcalfe's "Marriage Amendment" Unnecessary

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Tribune Review colunist Eric Heyl has coined a new verb.  To “Metcalf” is to “wantonly engage in acts of stupefying redundancy.” Heyl goes right for the political jugular Regardless of your opinion on same-sex marriage, know this about Metcalfe's anti-brokeback bill: It is entirely unnecessary, as superfluous and manipulative a piece of legislation as you […]

More sports folks weigh in on Rene Portland's gay bashing

From Sunday's Post-Gazette, sports colunist Ron Cook calls for Rene Portland to be fired. What in the world is the Penn State administration thinking by allowing Portland to stay on as coach after its half-year internal investigation determined she created a “hostile, intimidating and offensive environment” for at least one of her players whom she […]

PG Columnist Catherine Specter Continues to Demean Readers

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

For the past two weeks, I haven't found anything worth commenting about in the Post-Gazette's “Just Ask Cat” column, a quasi-advice section penned by Catherine Specter.  Specter is the genetic mutation of Harriet Nelson and Carrie Bradshaw, minus the cool hair.  Why does it bother me so?  One need only turn to the back of […]

Rene Portland – What the Local Media Has Been Saying

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You know Rene Portland is not my favorite person.  She is found guilty of discriminating against lesbians (or perceived lesbians) and Penn State gives her a little slap on the wrist.  As the Trib reports, Penn State is clearly responsible for “creating Rene Portland and allowing her to get away with this” per Jennifer Harris […]

Let's hear it for Heather from Shaler!

Today, Heather Chirdon of Shaler takes Concerned Women for America to task for their support of the marriage amendment.  The notion of bringing the gay marriage amendment to a referendum vote is laughable. As a woman I feel it is my duty to remind her that the vote she would like to use is the […]

PG article on Presbyterian Homophobia confuses Correspondent

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In today's PG, Ann Rodgers reports on the Pittsburgh Presbytery's decision to keep homonegative language in a document that underscores anti-LGBT ordination.  I get that the majority of Presbyterian voters decided that this language is okay with them, even when challenged to reflect on whether this language truly represents the church.  What language?  Here's a bit: […]

City Paper Drops the Ball Exploring the Black Gay Faith Experience

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This week's City Paper takes an interesting look at the conflict many gay African-American's struggle with between their faith and their sexual orienation.   Commend the CP for exploring the range from those who want church help “getting through” being gay to those seeking full acceptance and inclusion.  Some ministers take a hard stance invoking scripture […]