Professional Wrestler Comes Out

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Just a quick hurrah that professional wrestler Chris Kanyon has come out and given a substantial interview to the Windy City Times.  Does it matter?  Sure and here's why.  Kudos to you, Chris!

Church Ad Deemed "Too Controversial" for Networks

The United Church of Christ has had another inclusive ad rejected by all major networks for being too “issue oriented.”  The point of the ads is to reach out to people who feel alienated from church. You can view the ads here.  They are hysterical.  Interestingly, the networks embrace the Christian Right — which is decidedly NOT mainstream […]

AFA says PA Human Relations Commission Oversteps on Gay

The American Family Association of Pennsylvania has some problems with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.  They claim that Chairman Stephen Glassman is using his position as a “bully pulpit” to promote the homosexual agenda.  Mr. Glassman's sins include meeting with homosexual groups to discuss the anti-marriage amendment and working with local municipalities to add sexual […]

Queer Event Listing: K'vetch Pittsburgh is Back

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

If you loved Sonji Woodruff at the Steel Queer N' At show come see her in an even more intimate setting. (She was the artist who played after intermission with cello…so hot, and we're so damn lucky to have her in Pittsburgh…) Continue to support queer art. Kvetch Thursday March 30 Modernformations Penn/Millvale Show starts […]

Would you give your life for a homosexual person?

    Do you know someone who is homosexual?  Would you give your life for that person?  Christ did.   End religious based bigotry now. 

Trib Writer Takes Solace at Gay Bar

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The Tribune-Review's Mike Seate enjoys going to True (he doesn't name it, but we all know that's the place he's describing).  He also enjoys the reactions of his straight friends to being in a gay oriented bar.  Seate does a nice job tweaking the social homophobia of men who delusionally believe they are the sexual target of […]

Hypocrites & bigots

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Some random notes…Rep. Randy Cunningham's loot came on the auction block last week. You remember Randy? The gentleman who ranted about the evils of gay people but then accepted bribes. The last time I checked, stealing was a big one in the ten commandments, but, uh…being gay …WAS NOT. Also, some observations about who might […]

Are there really Gay Pirates? Come to Pride Night at PNC Park to Find Out

Take me OUT to the Ballgame! PRIDE NIGHT Saturday June 17, 2006 (After the Pride Awareness March & Riverwalk PrideFest) Gates open at 5:05pm; Game Time 7:05pm Portions of Ticket Sales benefit   The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh    We ARE Family …..

Easter Bunny v Spring Bunny

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

This is not the Easter Bunny (or the Spring Bunny).  Her name is Autum and she needs a permanent home.  Clickon her picture for more information on helping rabbits. World Net Daily fumes about the left-wing attack on yet another Christian holiday … Easter.  See what Shakespeare Sister does with this ….