Tell The Girl Scouts of Western PA That The LGBTQ Community & Allies Appreciate Their Support of ALL Girls – Buy ONE Extra Box of Cookies ($4.00)

I just posted the story about the 14 year old Girl Scout calling for a Girl Scout cookie boycott because the Girl Scouts permitted a transchild to enroll in a Brownie troop.

So here’s my proposal. Let’s all buy ONE extra box ($4.00) and donate that box to the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh. They have a thriving Friday night youth program that is also welcoming and affirming to transyouth. So it is the absolute perfect way to put your money where your mouth is.

If you get your box to me, I will deliver to the GLCC. You can drop by the GLCC yourself.

Lots of options on how to get your cookies. Go to the webpage of the Girl Scouts of Western PA. Ask. Stop by the cookie booths in February.


UPDATE:  Petitions at and Care2   Facebook event


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  • I’d love to help out & do this! I’m not gay, but I wholeheartedly support the LGBT community. Please let me know how I can help to support your cause! 🙂

    • Hey Amanda.

      Thanks for your comment. It is pretty simple – if you live in Pgh, order one extra box of cookies and donate to the Gay & Lesbian Community Center. If you live elsewhere, purchase an extra box of cookies to donate to a local program serving transgender youth.


    • Amanda.

      The GLCC website is You can get their hours, address, etc. I would suggest you ask for Lyndsey as she is most familiar with my idea. But anyone should be able to tell you how to help their youth programs.

      You are awesome

  • I live in Pgh. Who can I give the cookies to? Where can I drop them off in Pgh???
    Is there anything else that I can do for the kids/teen group? I have many friends who had some of their worst times as teens before coming out so anything I can do to help is awesome!!

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