I am Team Bilerico

OK, well that’s a bit of an overstatement.  Here’s my official bio. I like the aesthetic touch of my neighbors step ladder in the background. Very lesbian. Even if he is a straight white guy who does most of our odd jobs. Still …

But I was pretty pleased when Bil Browning mentioned that I submit myself as an official contributor to The Bilerico Project.

The Bilerico Project is the web’s largest LGBTQ group blog with dozens of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and genderqueer contributors. Known for intelligent political and cultural commentary, the site’s carefully selected contributors have helped to shape the LGBT movement for years – both on and off line.

Some are among the top pundits and leaders in the country; others have made their mark in their state or local communities. Each brings a unique perspective and background to their work, offering analysis and opinion on almost every aspect of LGBTQ politics and culture. Bilerico contributors spark creative and productive conversations among a continuously growing readership; the site’s goal is to foster those conversations in order to strengthen us as individuals and as a community.

While Bilerico does plenty of sexy, funny, and short news posts, it’s best known for longer political commentaries, essays, and cultural examinations. While short quips and soundbites have risen in popularity as a way of getting news, Bilerico has maintained that LGBTQ culture, politics, and community are worth examining in depth as well.

There’s not many opportunities to disseminate a Pgh lesbian opinion beyond my own blog in this region. Yes, the occasional highly coveted mention in the PG. To be honest, I’m not looking for a paid gig. I like doing this. I just also like a chance to say “Hey US — here’s what is happening in Pgh” And “Hey Pgh – here’s what the US thinks about us.”

Some of the cool stuff:

Bilerico Project was named one of Advocate magazine’s top ten blogs of 2007 and the “Top Political Blog” of 2009. The Washington Post called Bilerico a “must read” that is “rebooting the gay rights movement in a decentralized, spontaneous, bottom-up way.”

Since Bilerico Project launched in 2007, it has been nominated for the GLAAD Outstanding Independent Blog Award (2010), Nuvo Newsweekly’s Best Indiana Owned Blog Award (2010 & 2009), TLA/Gay.com Best Gay Blog Award (2011-2007), Weblog Best LGBT Blog Award (2008 & 2007) and the 2007 Gay Verve Awards for Best Brand New blog and Best Political blog. The site has most recently won the NYC Anti-Violence Project’s Courage Award and the LA Stonewall Democrats’ Bob Craig Media Award.

“The big-name celebrities may lend their voices to The Huffington Post, but the insightful gays blog for Bilerico.”
–The Advocate

“Smart…intelligent…well written…wonderfully diverse contributors….”
–Best Gay Blogs

“Bilerico’s ‘underground flavor’ draws gay fans”
–Washington Blade

“…an impressive array of top-rung contributors…”
–Blogger Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God.

“The Project is a real effort to unite our community, granting a place for a wide variety of folks to meet, talk, dialog and learn.”
–Gay activist Mike Rogers

“…if you’re not reading Bilerico daily, you should be… it’s some of the best LGBT-relevant reading you’ll do all day!”

“…Bilerico is on the front lines.”
–Blogger Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend

“Bilerico doesn’t fail”
–Trans activist Helen Boyd

A “must-read” that is “rebooting the gay rights movement in a decentralized, spontaneous, bottom-up way”
–The Washington Post

So I’ll be contributing at least every other week. My focus won’t be narrow – a blend of how Pgh regional activities impact the larger community and how larger issues impact us on a local level. Same stuff I do on my blog. I believe I’m the only Pennsylvania blogger on the team so I’ll probably be expanding my scope to a statewide reach. I could be wrong and there are 50 other PA bloggers which would actually be awesome.

It is pretty cool to be plucked from a somewhat mid-market regional blog to contribute to the national dialogue. I personally think Pittsburgh (and Pennsylvania, too) will be incredibly important in the 2012 election. I’m fascinated how our elected officials are going to wrestle with the unions and domestic partner benefits to make good on their pledge that this a gay-friendly town. I’m fascinated that a erstwhile gay ally in the state legislature did an ethical 180 to consolidate her power and financial position. I’m fascinated how the PA Family Institute will be lining up in the Critz/Altmire showdown and what non-LGBT progressive indicators we can use to make a decision (I already know mine.)  And what the heck does it mean that 26 PA municipalities have non-discrimination ordinances in light of all of this?

So much to explore.

Thanks to Bilerico and Bil for inviting me to join the team.






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