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I am personally fascinated by the intersection of social media with social justice. From the use of Twitter during the recent uprisings throughout the Middle East to the Occupy movement, it is all abuzz.

But on a microlevel, I have people say “I get like 4 links to your posts every day by Twitter, Facebook, etc” without being pleased.

Now I see my stats. I know there is overlap on all my social media tools, but there are far more people who don’t use multiple tools that it is very worth it to broadcast as much as possible.

So I’ve created this handy survey for you to take to help me hone in on how we (Pgh LGBT community) are doing. It is open to allies and even to out of towners who care about this topic. There are plenty of comment spaces for you to voice your random thoughts. Give it a whirl.

Random things I’ve noticed:

  1. When on my laptop, I share using Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes LinkedIn. When I am on my phone, I share with all of the above plus Chime.In and Google+  because it is easier to do so.
  2. I try to post interesting links that I’m not going to blog about but do think are worth your attention at least daily. These are often shared.
  3. The blurring of personal/professional sharing grows murkier by the day.
  4. I can spend 4 hours a day “”catching up” on blogs and social media, before i even begin creating unique content.
  5. I see the same handful of LGBTQ tweeps out there sharing posts. The new faces are growing incrementally. There are a lot more individual persons using social media to share information.

Click here to take survey

And comment away!


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