40 Days This Blog Illumined the Advent of the Holiday Season

Memories of Christmas and other holiday events are part of life’s sustenance, good and bad. They remind of what we’ve experienced and also teach us about who we are. Or perhaps who we aspire to be?

Since 2005, I’ve written many blog posts about this holiday. Many describe events long before I was born but they’ve come to represent all of the ways that I move through the holidays. I regularly reshare that content each year, just like someone might reverently bring out a treasured ornament.

Before this blog, I did not know why my family had a Christmas village house, the origins of the holiday date and nut pudding. I had not the least idea that my great-grandmother had her letter to Santa published in the Pittsburgh Press in 1896, a fact that still feels magical.

The blog has given me exposure to the arts, including productions from my childhood. I’ve also had a chance to revisit some traumatic memories and work through them a bit. Over the past 18 years, I’ve forged new memories blogging about holiday experiences has energized their sparkle in my life, transforming me as a participant and a chronicler into something more.

Now, I remember stomping through Phipps, dining at Six Penn on New Years Eve, watching the ice skaters, learning about Santa’s companions, the PSO, the plays, countless holiday drag shows, celebrating my first Winter Solstice in the midst of a pandemic, time with family, listening to their memories. I remember the Nationality Rooms, chilly but glorious to behold. The many holiday craft shows of I Made It for the Holidays and Handmade Arcade that were regular occasions themselves still fill my heart with joy.

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  34. Bah Humbug – 2010
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  37. A New Year’s Resolution Led Me To Ledcat – 2015
  38. The Rainbow New Year … 2011 LGBTQ in Review – 2011
  39. My Favorite Holiday of the (New) Year – 2013

As I prepare to celebrate this first Christmas on my own since I began blogging, I find comfort in those posts. They are tie that binds me to my history, across five generations or more. They’ve opened my heart and mind to new realities and adventures.

And I’m humbled to note that Pittsburgh was the place reporting the first death of a trans woman in 2022. Amäriey Lèį (Myara) was shot to death in Wilkinsburg. To my knowledge, there has been no arrest. I ask, but get no response. What happened to her? Is anyone even asking?

The world is big, even in Pittsburgh. But sometimes we need to make ourselves small and create room for the things and people that matter.


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