Holiday Wishes From the Fort Faulsey Community Cats

When I suggested they write letters to Santa Paws, there was a lot of hissing, disdainful looks, and EJ jumping up and down in the background with excitement. So we compromised.

Last year, I put up a Christmas tree and stockings and lights for them, but not this year. If you’d like to send them a Christmas gift (they all celebrate, except Britta but she likes gifts) here are some suggestions along with fun facts about each of the regulars.

Thank you for all of your support and love this year. We just celebrated two years as the caretakers of this motley crew and no kittens. That’s a good thing. Several could be candidates for an indoor life if that strikes your fancy. They’ve put their trust in us so we are honored.

Pretty Girl, F, 4, Long-haired tortoiseshell.

Likes: crunchy treats, canned seafood flavors, watching over her kingdom

Dislikes: waiting her turn, pesky newcomers

Fun Fact: Pretty is one of the OG colony cats at Fort Faulsey.

Holiday Wish:

Jennie Jane, 5+, torbie (tortoiseshell + tabby)

Likes: sunny days, all of the treats, not being in a trap

Dislikes: living inside, being cold

Fun Fact: She is the mother to our OG foster kitten litter and current residents Sun Volt, Muriel, Artemis.

Holiday Wish:

Tony DiMera, M, 3, long-haired black cat with wisps of white

Likes: Fancy Feast, but Friskies will do; being first to to the feeding station; surreptitiously rubbing against my feeder’s leg but too fast for her to touch me

Dislikes: very very finicky about dry food. He wants Purina Pro Salmon and that’s it.

Fun Fact: regularly visits both campuses of Fort Faulsey.

Holiday Wish:

Holiday Wish:

EJ DiMera, unknown age and gender, ear tipped.

Likes: being petted including a good back scratch, eating treats before supper, darting for fun.

Dislikes: new cats who bully him, eating alone

Fun Fact: EJ can be picked up, petted, and needs a placement. Also, we call him Bee-Bop.

Holiday Wish:

Oksana, M, 6+,

Likes: sleeping in the sun, visiting the neighbors for treats, mingling with visitors to our backyard

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Dislikes: being picked up, new guys

Fun Fact: Oksana has a bonded buddy we call Mx. Pajamas. They sleep together all of the time.

Holiday Wish:

Mx. Pajamas, 6+,

Likes: Purina dry food, sleeping in peace on the grill, the fence post, the shed, or a chair

Dislikes: being attacked by Adirondack chairs, being touched, being apart from Oksana

Fun Fact: We think Mx goes up to the other campus, but we can’t be sure.

Holiday Wish:

Callie, 3+, F, calico

Likes: heated discs to sit on, beef flavored treats, stretching out on pavement to soak up the sun

Dislikes: that her bowl is last to be filled in the morning, pesky young ones, wondering what happened to her kitten two years ago.

Fun Fact: Callie moves between the two colonies daily. She’s got a nose for the best food options

Holiday Wish:

Sonny Corinthos, M, DSH black

Likes: wrestling with EJ, occasional petting, eats any sort of dry food

Dislikes: rain, being named after Sonny Corinthos

Fun Fact: The character Sonny has an amnesia story so when this guy showed up out of the blue, it seemed a fitting name.

Holiday Wish:

Tommy, M, Unknown

Likes: sun, peace, quiet, canned food

Dislikes: being chased, rain, sharing his napping spot

Fun Fact: Leave me alone

Holiday Wish:

Jonny DiMera M unknown black cat

Likes: being with Tony, playing with EJ, being cute

Dislikes: being alone, missing treats

Fun Fact: no idea where this little one came from, but he made himself at home

Holiday Wish:

Dr. Liesl Obrecht aka Grandma, tabby

Likes: stopping by every so often for a snack, returning to her heated bed and safe yard, posing for trail cam pictures

Dislikes: when all the feeding stations are occupied, being called Dr. Liesl Obrecht

Fun Fact: I give all of our semi-regulars names so I can keep track of who is who. Dr. Liesl Obrecht is a reformed criminal mastermind on General Hospital

Holiday Wish:

Dr. Britta Westbourne, unknown age, gray

Likes: moves to the beat of of her own drum, likes treats but on her own schedule

Dislikes: commitment, drama, most menu selections

Fun Fact: On GH, Britta is the daughter of Liesl. In real life, no relation.

Holiday Wish:

Madeline West

Madeline West, age unknown, tabby

Likes: darting across W. North Avenue to get food, sleeping over, hissing at me

Dislikes: me

Fun Fact: on GH, Madeline is Liesl’s sister.

Fun Facts:

Vivian Alamaine, unknown, tabby

Likes: strutting, kicking up dirt, moving to the head of the line

Dislikes: predictability

Fun Fact: she travels around Manchester a lot.

Holiday Wish:

Madeline West

Kate Roberts, unknown, tabby

Likes: rare appearances, mysterious airs

Dislikes: nebby humans

Fun Fact: Kate and Vivian look a lot alike, but not identical. And they are rivals on Days of Our Lives.

Holiday Wish:

We have a winterization wish list and a general wish list


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