What Dr. Rachel Levine’s Statement Might Mean for the Trans Community

Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health has made a statement about the unrelenting vitriol directed at her identity. I was so pleased that she squarely addressed how these attacks impact the entire transgender community.

One thing people inevitably ask me about the Pittsburgh MasQUe ProjecT is if we have any documented evidence of trans and queer people being discriminated against with regard to purchasing masks. And I sigh. As a queer woman with lots of privilege, I move through this world careful about what *might* happen and conscious of what these haters think of me. I don’t need receipts from others because of my lived experiences.

Perhaps this might mean people will rethink the million small cuts of transphobia and homophobia people experience every day and stop demanding proof. And be inspired to take action to show up.

Help us get face masks distributed to trans and queer neighbors. Throw in $5 right now in honor of Dr. Levine.


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