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Here’s a little update on our kittens. We adopted three of the five we had fostered; our pet sitter adopted the other two. After a day of adjusting to the new family situation, they were back to usual tricks. We continued to bring them down every day, as often as possible, to spend time in our portable kitty playpen so they had a chance to meet all the resident critters through the mesh windows.

We also set them loose in our bedroom with the door closed (and Ana on the bed) and that went very well. This all went on over a week’s time or so. Then we introduced them to Coco, Precious, and Simon in the bathroom. The kittens were not a bit intimidated; the older cats were definitely a lot of sideeye giving.

Then we released the Kraken. We opened up the bathroom door, closed the basement door, and shut the gate leading to our second floor. Their joy was palpable. They had spent so much time in the room in the tent that they weren’t afraid at all – they explored, sniffed, played, and tumbled. They figured out the gate to the second floor and ventured into the attic, but the lure of being with the people keeps them from wandering too far. They wrestle and case each other from the attic down the stairs, through the hallway, down the other stairs, around the living room and back up again – remember having that much energy?

So for right now they are free in these spaces when we are home, but they must return to the bathroom when we leave and at bedtime. We are not yet ready for an overnight with the kittens. The tent is still up for them to use as a refuge (which they do) and to give us a quick means of containment. But mostly they like to sleep on our shoes. Ha.

The outside kitties, Oxsana and Mx Pajamas, are in our backyard a lot of the time now. We are moving around the feeding stations and thinking ahead to winterizing their space. We have a solid insulated dog house that we fill with straw each year and we have a few plastic cooler beds. I’m hoping to get a heated water bowl this year.

We are going on a vacation next week, but when we return we are bringing Dr. Ruble from Vet to Pet to our house to vet the semi-feral girls, Mamma Mia and Maylee. We are planning to have him treat Oxsana then, too, since he’s friendly enough to be held and will likely cooperate with a the protection of a set of gloves.

Furiosa and Galileo are doing great in their new home; they are adjusting to their big sister and love their human Dad and Mum.

Still no sign of Jennie Jane. I wonder where she is. She’s chipped so if something happened, they would hopefully scan her body and tell us. Sigh.


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Meet Fiona

Adult female Domestic Long Hair Gray/Blue/Silver, good with dogs/cats/children.

Meet Fiona (aka.FiFi). She’s a beautiful long-haired dilute tortoiseshell, about two years old. Just check out those ear tufts! This pretty girl came into foster care when her colony caretaker discovered that she was friendly. Fiona is two years old and a petite little adorable love bug! She’s affectionate and loves to be petted, although she does not like to be held much. She’s really good when she gets her claws clipped, but she’d rather lay or sit right by your side for love. She is shy and will take a few weeks to warm up to you, but when she does she’ll greet you every time you are near, plop down beside you and wait for belly rubs. She just loves belly rubs! She does well with children and is excellent with other cats. She’s passive and playful around her foster brother and sisters. She’s not a fan of sudden movements or sounds, like doors slamming or vacuums, but really, who is? She has been introduced to a well-mannered dog and hasn’t run away or hissed. She’s more curious than anything, so she may be okay with a gentle dog who doesn’t chase or bother her much, with proper introduction.

Because she lived on the streets for a bit, she ended up getting FIV (that’s feline immunodeficiency virus, in case you didn’t know). So now she has a weaker immune system. All that means for you is that she needs some extra love and care, such as keeping up with yearly vet exams and watching to make sure she doesn’t pick up any infections. By looking at her now though, you’d never even know! She’s as healthy as can be and full of energy to play and love you!

(Most FIV+ cats do not show symptoms and have a normal life expectancy, although they can be prone to secondary infections. FIV cats can live happily in a stable household with other kitties. Questions? You can talk with one of our adoption counselors.)

Fifi would love to find her forever home where she can be comfortable and loved. Could that be yours? Apply for her today!


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