Midterms 2018 Political Q&A Not Generating Much Interest or GOTV Information

In followup to our primary Q&As earlier this year, I had three plans in mind to do my bit to turn out informed voters.

First, I tried to install voter registration widgets and links. Unfortunately, my latest (now former) webguy wasn’t timely in helping me realize that we needed to do more behind the scenes work. So that bit the dust.

My solution will be to delete this customized template that we spent nearly $5000 on because that designer left us long ago and its easier to use a more standard template that I can personally modify to do the tasks we need. Next year, we’ll be back to that widget idea.

And here’s the link to the PA Voter Services portal.

October 9Last day to register before the November election.
October 30Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot.
November 2Last day for County Boards of Elections to receive voted civilian absentee ballots

Second, we tried to get some regional GOTV folks to complete a Q&A to centralize information for our readers and mobilize them.

Unfortunately, no one responded. They didn’t even tell us they weren’t responding. One person told me I asked too many questions which is all shades of amusing since the point was more visibility and transparency. So that literally went nowhere.

My solution there is to step away from those topics. I’m presuming there are plenty out there so why recreate the wheel. If you have information on GOTV sites or FAQ’s etc please let me know.

Finally, we have reached out to candidates again. I’m interviewing anyone who is willing, as long as they are pro-LGBTQ and pro-choice. I asked for suggestions and found over a dozen folks for consideration. I contacted their campaigns to confirm interest in a Q&A, then I sent the actual questions.

I want to list names here because if someone chooses not to respond, you dear readers will know that I asked.

Here’s whom we interviewed in May. These are the folks who won their primary and will be on the ballot next month. Read the complete list of Q&A’s here.

Ron DiNicolaCongress D16
Bibiana BoerioCongress D18
John FettermanLt. Governor
Betsy MonroePA House D9
Amy FazioPA House D14
Emily SkopovPA House D28
Dan SmithPA House D12
Maryanne ColePA House D67
Michael BlicharPA House D187
Conrad WarnerPA House D63
Sue MulveyPA Senate D50
Lindsey WilliamsPA Senate D38
James CraigPA Senate D34

Important to note that no one is obliged to answer. I have no endorsement or resources to offer. Time is constrained. If they don’t respond, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t LGBTQ friendly.

As of today, a few campaigns have responded that they are trying to complete the Q&A. That does not include Fetterman, Smith, or Williams which are the ones you are most likely to ask me about. When they do respond, I will send them a Q&A and hope to publish ASAP. Smith & Fetterman sent me their email addresses, but they did not yet agree to participate.

There are folks who won’t participate, I’m sure. I ask difficult questions about abortion, racial justice, and more. Some just don’t want to be affiliated with me (not LGBTQ in general, just me), and some have campaign staff making those decisions. Rather than hours and hours of my time chasing these folks, I’m posting here – if you see someone whom you’d like to hear from, please reach out to them.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that they are having trouble finding information. I can attest that it isn’t easy to find. There’s no central list of candidates anywhere. I can find the folks running in my own districts, but that’s it. The party is doing not such a great job in this regard.

However, we will persevere. As I find information, I’ll share it.


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