Sue to Guest on Mike Signorile Show Today (Monday)

If you have access to Sirius XM (and you can get trial access through the website) – I’ll be on the Michaelangelo Signorile show this afternoon at 4:30 PM.

Photo: MikeSignorile.coom
Photo: MikeSignorile.coom

We’ll be discussing blogs, blocks, bans and Rick Santorum. See, it always comes back to him. Mike is also the editor-in-chief of HuffPost Gay Voices and asked me to submit a piece with an update on the situation.

This is all very exciting of course, but  more than that – I was talking with the team at Change.Org and what has really touched me is that number of people who simply think access to LGBTQ information is important. They may never have read my blog or agree with me – but in principal, they feel strongly that in America, people deserve access to information. And that’s a powerful statement about the progress toward equality. And democracy!

Brief update – I’m receiving conflicting reports from various City employees about suddenly having access to my blog. It is possible this is another “blurp” as took place in February or it could be certain managers making individual decisions. I’m holding out for official confirmation of course. I just checked OpenDNS and nothing has changed with regard to the labels.


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